Home Sweet Home

Hey everyone, sorry for not updating you all sooner than now but I have been super busy. Two days ago the doctor came in and told my daddy that there was some fluid around my heart. We were all really afraid because this sounded scary, I personally didn’t want anymore surgery and also we thought that we would be stuck in the hospital for New Years Eve. Oh man.

However yesterday evening the doctor came back and said that my Echo hadn’t changed so they were happy to send me home for the weekend. Yippee. You should have seen how fast my mummy and daddy ran out of the hospital door with me. We just couldn’t get home fast enough.

On the car on the way down mummy and daddy were talking about how lucky they are to have me and how God had been so good to arrange for me to have my operation and to recover so fast. Guys these two were getting really soppy, I was mortified for them. Then Daddy put on a special song for mummy – ” God gave me you for the ups and downs” by Blake Shelton. You are never going to guess what mummy did. That’s right she started bawling. Oh man – not again.

So there we are heading back to the beautiful south and as usual mummy is bawling. Daddy didn’t do much to help her because he just kept putting on all the songs that reminded them of me. Finally we got home. It was the most amazing feeling ever to walk through our front door. We are all so happy.

On Tuesday we have to go back to Crumlin and have another Echo. Please God all will be fine. Anyway for now we are enjoying our family time together. We would like to wish you and your family a very happy New Year and all the best for 2012. Thank you for following me this year and for all the prayers that have surely helped me to come this far. I will talk to you all next year. All my love your Baby B x x




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