Home Sweet Home

Well guys what a busy day yesterday. Was so busy I didn’t have time to catch up on my blog.

The day started with mummy coming to the hospital all excited. She woke me from my lovely sleep to give me a bath and doll me up in my going home outfit. It was lovely and warm. Daddy cleared out my room. I have three suitcases. All the nurses keep telling me I am spoilt. Don’t they know I just like my fashion ?

Anyway I then went on a road trip with mummy and daddy. When we arrived in Carrigaline where my house is mummy made daddy drive through the village cause mummy hadn’t seen it in six weeks.

When we got home auntie Laura had my new crib ( my house) all done up with welcome home balloons banners and loads of cool things for me. We had a little party. Daddy and grand dad wet my head with some of daddies Middleton rare whiskey. Grand dad wanted to dip my dummy in it and give me some. I was happy about that. However no one else was very impressed so I didn’t get any:-( daddy is going to have a drink with grand dad from this bottle every year on my birthday.

Uncle Mark called up and I told him about the angel blanket I got with his voucher. Mummy said this is the most important present I got.

It was mummy’s turn to do night feeds last night. Poor daddy did the last 8 nights. I decided to be good last night. Mummy is stressed enough already with out me acting up. I am glad I got daddy’s relaxed personality.

So right now I am chilling in mummy’s and daddy’s big bed. Daddy has to catch up on work today cause he was busy last week with me. That’s all from me for now. Better give mummy back her I phone. She looks like she is going to be getting up soon. I am going to try and keep her here cuddling. All I have to do is look up at her with a sad puzzled face and open my eyes as big as possible and she cracks and lays back down for more cuddles. I think that’s called guilt trip – but don’t take my word for it cause I am still learning.

Love ye all B x x

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