I am a famous baby, get me out of here!

Oh my god guys do I have serious news for you. Santa really does exist and you need to be ultra careful when you give him your order. It’s kind of like the Story about the king who wished everything he touched turned to gold and then he turned his poor son into gold. You need to be really careful with Santa and specific in your request.

As you all know I visited Santa in Blarney last week. Do you remember mummy messed up my order and answered “just health”! Oh man did Santa take her seriously. Less than two days later we got a call from the dreaded crumlin and the people in the blue coats to come up for my OHS. What mummy! You seriously must be JOKING! It’s Christmas week and I have major plans and socialising with my baby Brooke to do on both of our first Christmas.

Mummy didn’t listen to a word I was saying. She was way to busy packing up the whole house. Guys I was getting really afraid now. How Long are we going for! By the amount of bags it looks like forever. Poor daddy was working in London waving at the Queen so he had to come home early as well.

So next thing I know we are on our way. Everyone is being super nice to me. I started to relax a little ’cause the people in the blue tops seemed to be picking on Oso this time and he got his bloods taken, his chest x ray, his Echo and ECG and I got the stickers that they give you for being so good. Also I got loads of new toys. Man this place isn’t turning out to be too bad!

Me and my big mouth! Guys never speak too soon because then they started on me!!! They won’t fool me again guys, this is absolutely the last time. How mean, lowering me into a false sense of security like that. The worst was having to then turn around and try and calm my mummy and daddy down when the guys in the green tops came to take me away.

Wonderful, just wonderful – that’s twice in one month. I was sitting on my mummy’s lap and they tried to put medicine in my Freddie to make me go to sleep. Ha ha I tricked them and broke my Freddie when everyone was asleep last night. Surely they didn’t think I would fall for that one twice. I started screaming and kicking. Mummy started bawling and stood up. Yeah RESULT, I pointed for the door thinking we were home free and what a clever little baby I was.

WRONG, never count your chickens before they hatch. The guys in green and blue coats came at us with a gas mask. The stuff smelt awful and they all held me down against my mummy as I kicked and screamed as loudly as I could. Then something strange happened my eyes started rolling in my head and my body felt all funny I couldn’t move? Mummy nearly collapsed and a lady called Lisa and daddy had to hold her up. Then daddy started crying. Oh man now I am in trouble. Usually mummy cries but NEVER daddy. What had I done? I heard them tell mummy and daddy to kiss me good bye. Oh no not again. I tried to cry but I couldn’t. The last thing I heard was mummy whispering in my ear that she loved me more than anything in the world and that Daddy, Nana ah ah, Nana Rose, grand dad, auntie Lauretta, Auntie Laura, uncle Pete and my baby Brooke loved me the most as well.

That reminded me of my baby, where the hell was she and why couldn’t she have done this time! Hello Brooke we are supposed to be side kicks!!! I will kick your little bum when I get back to Cork. Letting me deal with all this by myself and not taking any blame what’s so ever. I will let you off as your only four weeks and one day old but I am having a serious conversation with you when I get back about shared responsibility. This is the only way we are going to get away with all the fun things we are going to do when we are older 🙂 if we are both in it together then mummy and auntie Laura can’t say a word to us:-) don’t worry little Cuz, you have alot to learn but you’ll be learning from the best.

So there I am thinking of my Baby Brookie when all of a sudden I wake up in a place called ICU with no mummy and no daddy. These two are seriously taking the mickey mouse now. Where are they! Two people in blue tops are trying to hold me down as I am trying to stand up. I look down and there is a big red cut down my chest and there are zillions of pipes and leads all connected to me. Right I guess I better go now guys and try and take all these things out. No way am I staying like this.

I hear one of the lady’s in the blue coat say to another that mum just called. She was worried about her and that she couldn’t sleep. Nice to know her mum cares about her. Mine on the other hand has deserted me 😦 then I heard the lady say that she told mum that her prediction was right and that her baby was wild when she woke up and it took two of them to hold her down. They said they were afraid she would pull out all the very important leads so they were going to sedate her again. Wow that baby sounds like me. Smart baby. Gota find out who she is so I can warn her they are planning on sedating her. I just Gota get these tubes out first…. Oh man it’s happening AGAIN I feel all sleepy. How did that happen! Hello, hello, hel . …zzzzzzz




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