I am Back

Hey everyone, I am so sorry I couldn’t update you all last week. I was feeling really horrible. I am all better now thanks to Holy God. I am teething however so that’s a pain in the nappy. After all my drama last week I have had a lovely, quiet, uneventful week this week. I have been chilling with my family. They are all so worried about me. Like I told you all last time Holy God is looking after me and has me in the palm of his hand. Well that’s what my nun friends told me, so I will be fine. My next appointment with crumlin is in the 14 th of December so then we will know more about if I am allowed to have my operation. Apparently it’s a big deal if I can’t! Now I wish I hadn’t joked and said maybe they will forget about it and let me play with my toys. Oh man you can’t win in this world. So guys if you could all pray that my leaky valve gets better and stays the same as the reading from my echo in Belfast that would be great.

My cuz is due to be delivered by the stork next weekend. I am so super excited about this. I have loads of really cool things planned for us. Now that I have a side kick I am guessing we can do so many more adventurous things and I won’t be getting into as much trouble. At the moment all the focus is on MOI but when my cuz comes along my cuz will provide an alibi for me and a distraction:-)

As soon as the stork makes his delivery I will update you on all the news of my cuz and of course I will post a picture of us. The O’ Connor Clan. My cuz is an O’ Connor as well you know. My mummy and my auntie both married into the O’ Connor Clan. Phew we are so lucky to have a lovely Irish name. So guys make sure you all keep checking this space for the breaking news.

So now that’s all my news. I am off to play with my new mobile phone that my Nana Rose got me. It’s really cool, it’s blue and red and flashes. I just need to try and find Daragh’s number so I can give him a call. The doctors told me I am not allowed hang around with any one under five until after my operation. All my friends are under five!!! Hello any one over five is so ancient and boring. This is really going to affect my social life. Thank god for my mobile so I can keep in touch with everyone.

Guys check out my cool shoes in the photo below my grand uncle Kieran and grand aunt Olive got me these. Don’t you just love them!

So that’s it guys, talk to you all really soon. Your baby B x x



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