I got a new wardrobe guys

Guess what guys I got a new wardrobe today. Now guys I am not talking about an actual wooden wardrobe that you put your clothes into, I am talking about enough clothes to do me until I am ancient. By ancient I mean until I am one guys. God don’t even go there can’t believe I am going to be going on to the year scale in a few months. Anyway back to my super exciting news. So there I am having a little nap with nana cause mummy and daddy are working and next thing I know I am awake with everyone around including auntie deb and there are literally a zillion new amazing outfits and there all for Moi.

So guys the word on the street is they are all Liadh’s clothes. Please guys don’t tell her cause she might want them back and i so am not giving them back. Anyway the good news is she has enough problems with my husband to be taking all the attention away from her at the moment. I hope that she will have enough to deal with and not miss the super massive whole in her wardrobe where all these amazing outfits came from. So I am guessing my mother in law to be must really really love me. She may even love me more than her kids like if she is willing to steal from them just for me! God guys I would kinda feel bad if that was the case.

Anyway in more news. Nana is totally winning operation transformation. She has been so totally fabulous guys. By the way thanks so much for asking Brian 🙂 by the way when am I going to see you again? Please pardon my behaviour at Daraghs big day. I was a little tried and sick that day. I totally love you uncle Brian – you know that right x x

So guys I Gota head. Have major organising to do. I need to decide my favourite outfit out of my zillion new ones. The big problem is I so love them all. Oh man it’s going take me like FOREVER to decide which one to wear tomorrow.

Love ye lots like jelly tots – your baby B x x

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