I’m back !!!!!

Well hello guys 🙂 long time no hear from me. I know, I know I am just awful at keeping up with my correspondence but to be completely honest with you I am just way too busy enjoying my life these days. Also I guess you guys are getting bored reading about how much fun I am having. I so don’t want to Make ye jealous so I am just going to blog every Sunday from now on.

I have had so much fun lately guys cause mummy has loads and loads of time off work now. Finally she gets to spend her time with me, which is all she really wants to do. We are just loving the summer. We have been so many places this week and we have loads of plans for next week as well.

Yesterday I went to blarney castle. It’s super beautiful guys. I have decided that I am going to live in a castle when I grow up. There are wishing steps at the castle and mummy, daddy and I made a special wish for me. Sorry I can’t tell you. It’s a secret. That’s the rules. I also got my picture taken next to the Blarney sign. I looked great. Mummy and daddy are going to bring me back to Blarney every year so I can get my picture taken next to the sign and you can all see how much I have grown.

Today we all went to Foto Zoo. It was so much fun. I got to see all the giraffes and Zebras and monkeys. I read that Tadhg was the daddy giraffe to all the babies down there. They all have different mummy’s but the same Daddy!!! How does that work then? Confused.com I am. Daddy told me that this was not the same Tadgh as my friend Tadgh. My friend spells his name different, but I learned today that you can have the same name as some one else. Seriously guys I so totally can’t believe this. You mean I might have to share my name with some one else!!! This better not happen or I will be so mad. I don’t think it happens very often guys so please don’t worry that it will happen to you. I don’t know any one who has to share their names. Do you!

Daddy was muttering something about his god son Tadgh and how he better not be the daddy to loads of babies when he grows up? Not sure what he means by that. I realise I still have alot to learn.

So right now I am ready to head to bed. I am just to exhausted from my lovely weekend that I think I am going to sleep all night long.

Sweet dreams everyone. I will have them for sure. I just love my life and I am so lucky to get to do all these amazing things. Love ye all lots like jelly tots. Talk to you all next Sunday.

Mwah – your Baby B x x

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