I’m Back

Well it seems I am setting new first’s for myself everytime I do something. I expect this is the same with everyone’s life but I feel it especially. Today mummy told me that I have crossed the county bounds for the second time ever to return to Cork. Also, and this one is one I am trying not to beat is that I celebrated 3 weeks old today and I have been discharged from hospital 3 times in my 3 weeks. I was in Holles Street Maternity for a day and now have finished my second stint in Crumlin. I have also managed to get my name mentioned on the radio. Me and daddy had our names called out by Colum McGrath on the C103fm morning show two days in a row. That is kinda cool.

I have managed to get my feeding settled down and mummy and daddy are taking a tougher road with me. For some reason it takes a bit more crying to get them to organise a bit of grub for me. From what I gather they want me to get into a routine so as I feed all the time. I have no doubt, with a little bit of effort I will have them signed up to my routine soon.

I left the hospital on three medicines. I am taking two diuretics and one antibiotic for my asplenia. This means I cannot see any of my young friends for a good while as it would be very dangerous for me. birthday parties will be all grown ups for a bit.  Bummer!   Also anyone who has a cold or is sick cannot come near me as it would be really dangerous as without a spleen I am not able to fight off infection very well and a simple illness could have a devastating outcome.

I have had so many doctors call to me over the last few days but the one that stands out to me is Mr Alan Mortell. He came in to review my tummy and was so nice to the three of us. He explained all the technical information to mummy and daddy and advised that he does not believe I need an operation on my tummy at the moment. Mummy was so relieved!

Of course my favorite Dr Colin McMahon looked after me and again told me how wonderful I am. I dont know why he keeps telling me this cause I know I am great. Haha.

We set off for home and met my godfather Mark on the way as he was working in Dublin too. He said a quick hello to me and then we went on home to see my fish and budgies as well as my grandparents and auntie Laura and uncle Peter who were there to see me. It was nice to get home again and mummy and daddy are glad to have clothes and be back to normal. I will be glad they have their clean clothes and also a shower. Its not my fault their clothes need a wash. All I did was burp up a little milk on them.

I got lots of wonderful presents lately. When I got home there was lots of presents from mummies friend Joy in America and also some lovely clothes from mummies cousin Joseph, Emer and their kids. I cant wait to try on all these cool things.

I got another present which is a little more then cool. Nana Rose’s friend has been really good to help mummy and daddy get prizes for when they are going to try and raise money for Crumlin. Majella is really nice and is a great singer. Today she wrote a beautiful poem for me. I am going to let ye see it here. I hope she will say it for me some day soon. She is really talented!

Anyway I hope ye like it!

Love ye all.

B. Xx x

Majella’s Poem to B!

Not so very long ago And not so very far from here I was a tired little girl Who met a woman of good cheer And when I couldn’t say it out She held me in her arms so tight! Her name was Rosemary, Your Gran And I would dream of her at night.

She told me often times with love That one day I would grow up tall I couldn’t see that far ahead For inside I felt very small And even though I questioned her And everyone around that time Your granny held me very tight And also made me toe the line!

Those days like yesterday at times Can also seem real far away But when I feel that small inside I think of her and what she’d say ‘Stand up! You’re great! As good as me, As good as everyone around And put your face up towards the sun You don’t belong there on the ground.’

You see Béibhinn I know some things They’re still quite small but very true I know your Gran, your Mam and Dad And so I also know you too

So let your eyes shine like the sun And let your heart sing love’s pure sound And if you’re ever feeling small Just look around child, look around.

You’ve blessed us all with love today And though I haven’t held you yet I know this much, without a doubt Béibhinn We’ve definitely met.

You’ve touched my heart and made it sing You’ve brought pure love to all around And when I think of you dear child I lift my head up from the ground.

So yes we’ve met in different ways My little Béibhinn, you and I And when I get to hold you tight Like your Gran held me, you’ll see why.

And so I thank you little one Now go and get a little rest And let me tell you one more time, You’re just the best, YOU’RE JUST THE BEST!!!

Tons of love to you little woman, Majella xxx

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