I’m Wrecked

Oh what a long day. It started out with mummy being awake and worried all last night. The only saving grace was the girls in the hospital. I have to say that out of all the people I have heard through mummy’s tummy these people are the best. First she had Jennie doing my scans, then had Sharon and Sarah minding us in our ward and then Lisa looking after me when I came out. I can honestly say that if I grow up to be as nice as them I can’t ask for any more! I finished up the day surrounded by a load of little people.

Mummy had no breakfast this morning which was a sure sign they were conspiring against me. Then various people came to her and had her signing forms. Next thing I know there is a big beam of light and this guy reaches in and starts pulling at me. I held on to my cord and mummy but he dragged me out and cut my cord. I was so upset I started to cry. They brought me over to mummy and daddy. Instead of comforting me she started crying. Daddy held me but he was white in the face. I was thinking that he had the heart problem and not me.

Then Lisa took me up to a warm bed in the ICU. Here Sarah and Kevin got the brunt of my crying. Hey, these lungs are in good order. I may as well test them out! Dr McMahon appeared just when I arrived and said I was really good. He had no bed for me in Crumlin so I agreed to hang around for a while and relax and maybe go over in the morning.

Daddy keeps checking on me but I am fine. My heart rate is better than the last few days and my sats are really good too. Out of 31 babies in the intensive care I am the biggest. One of these babies is there ten weeks. I am four and a bit times bigger than the girl next to me. I hope i dont get a complex! Not only that, I think I am the only one not in an incubator and the only one not on any support or meds.

Anyway I think I will stop now cause I don’t want anyone to be jealous of how good I am. I will update ye tomorrow from Crumlin. I hope ye like all my photos on “My World”. If you did not see them just click the link above and then click my photos. Daddy told me about it cause I don’t use the computer yet. He did tell me I have an email address. Wish I knew what all that means.

Anyway I am going for a sleep before daddy calls back in. Loves ye all.

B. Xx x

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