I’m Wrecked Again!

Oh guys this is a mad world outside of mummies tummy. I am so tired from all the going. Yesterday was so busy I could not even update ye all. Yesterday I saw so many people that I had only heard voices of before. I met nana and granda D, nana Rose, auntie Laura & Lauretta and daddies slave Mark and Tadgh and Jasons mummy Grá. (daddy is making poor mark feed all my fish and mind my house). Then there was this other guy I am still trying to figure out. His name is Peter and is married to auntie Laura. What gets me is he is always on about making sandwiches but he neither looks like he eats many nor did he bring me any. Need to investigate him more.

We had my christening yesterday and the priest spilled water all over me. I am not sure why he did this as I am having a proper bath today but I left him at it anyway.

With all the excitement yesterday I was very restless. The nurse changed the machine monitoring me so that even when I take a small breath it goes off like a siren. If you could see daddy now you would understand. Hehe. I may have had a lack of sleep but he looks like a ghost. If three hours at a time does me I don’t see why it was not enough for him. Mummy is coming over soon to visit daddy and they are going to get my very own seat for the car and a few other nice pressies for me. Then daddy is going to he’d for a while. ;-p

Anyway I am off to my wonderful nurse Jie for my bath. I love her and so does daddy cause she is so good to me and always seems to know exactly what I want.

I will let ye know how things are going soon. Love ye all.

B. Xx x

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