It’s all about me

Hey guys, hope ye all had a great weekend. I just chilled and managed to host not one but two BBQ’s. Had the family up on Saturday night. I just love the way I have my two nana’s wrapped around my little finger. Then today my friends Tadgh and Jason called up with my godfather mark and my auntie Gra for yet another BBQ. I sm so living the good life guys:-)

We had loads of fun. Now I did throw a hissey fit just to ensure that Tadgh and Jason did nt get all the attention. . Like we just couldn’t have that guys, they were already taking over the place by hogging my bouncing castle and bubble making machine. Seriously have to whip them two into shape when I can walk. Watch out guys, you wont know what hits you when i start to walk. There won’t be a chance of them two hogging my things then guys. Anyway I am not worried they are boys and everyone knows how easy it is to wrap guys around your finger. They are just so silly sometimes. Ha ha

So now I am heading to bed. I think I might be teething. I an really cranky at the moment Ans just can’t figure out why ! Hopefully I will be feeling better for my blessing. I can’t believe it’s next Saturday. Let’s pray fir good weather everyone. I will so not be impressed if it’s raining guys.

Talk to you real soon. Love ye lots B x x

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