It’s Friday

Well guys tomorrow is Friday 🙂 you know what that means ! A full day of mummy and me girlie time;-) going to have a sleep in in the morning. Yeah right! That’s what mummy thinks. That’s so not going to happen. Mummy was awake with me all night last night. She was worried I was sick. Of course I wasn’t. I just needed a little help going to the toilet. Thats all. I am fine now. That woman is some drama queen.

Mummy and me are having lunch with auntie deb and auntie Gra and baby Daragh tomorrow. Can’t wait. Poor auntie michelle can’t make it. So sad was looking forward to seeing her again.

So that’s it guys. Looking forward to my weekend with mummy and daddy. It’s mummy’s first mothers day so daddy and I are really looking forward to spending time with mummy. We are all so busy that usually doesn’t happen much 🙂 We are going to make the most of this one.

Love ye all guys – have a good one . B x x

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