Late Nights

Hi guys. Hope ye are all well. I am up late tonight so said I would say a quick hello. Daddy is trying to sleep so I call him every few minutes to show him who is boss!

Today I had an echo and also had the genetics guy call. The echo is easy as I have had loads of these before I was born and since I was born to check my heart. The genetics guy was not nice though. He came in and was a little mean to mummy. Daddy said he is suffering from “Rectal Cranial Inversion”. Daddy said this means he suffers from having his own head stuck up his own ass. This sounds sore but Jays mum explained the condition and daddy diagnosed it straight away! He was very mean to the understudy girl who went around with him. I don’t look forward to meeting him again. On the plus side mummies cousin Joseph and his lovely wife Emer came to meet me. I also got a lovely picture frame from mummies uncle Kieran and auntie Olive. It has my name engraved and also has a Bee on it which is kinda cool for me!

I also met uncle John and auntie Min. Daddy was able to put they on his phone so I could see them and talk to them. Daddy is always on about them and I can’t wait to go with him to visit them in Bere Island. Daddy said he will teach me to drive when we go!

Tomorrow I have another chalk dinner so they can check my stomach. It is not as bad tonight as last night but I still want to make sure I am ok for mummy and daddies peace of mind! If this is ok I might get home real soon.

I am really happy with all the people sending me lovely messages too. I can’t name everyone but I have messages on my blog from west cork, cork, Midleton, USA, Canada, England and Helston. It means alot to me And give me strength from all your love guys so thanks again.

Now I think I will have a snooze. Will let ye know how tomorrow goes.

B. Xx x

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