Letter to B

Hey B my beautiful girl, mummy here popping onto your blog to tell you how proud I am to be the mummy of such a strong and brave girl and to wish you a very happy 1st birthday.

This last year has been the best year of our lives because you were here with us, where you belong.

Your smile brightens up my darkest days. Your courage encourages me to pull myself back up from my self doubt and to keep fighting through. Your strength and determination astonishes me everyday without fail.

You have never played by the rules and I love this about you. You were not premature like we were told you would be, instead you were 10 pounds and a day over due.

You didn’t have developmental delays like you could have had due to the time you have spent in hospital and all the things you have had to endure. Instead you beat all odds to sit up on your own at four months old, you crawled at six months and took your first steps at just nine months old. Now one day before your first birthday you are able to fly around the house and you really do keep your mummy and daddy on their toes. You still don’t sleep through the night like other baby’s your age and younger, but that’s ok it just means we get to spend more time with you.

Béibhinn you have proved that miracles do really happen. We live with one! Tomorrow you turn one. I am so happy and honoured to see you grow up. I know other mummy’s wish they could slow down the years, for me I can’t wait to get up every morning to see what you will do and how you will grow. You are turning into the most incredible little girl. If I spent forever dreaming you up I couldn’t.

You are the most perfect daughter in the world to me. You have blessed me and helped me more than you will ever know.

Mummy’s are supposed to teach their children and help them to grow, instead you have taught me. You have helped me to grow up and to grow up fast. You have taught me how precious life is and how important family and true friends are. I am a very different person to the weak, terrified, crying mess I was this day last year. Today I am strong all thanks to you.

I hope that when the time comes and your daddy and I print this blog into a book for you to read you will look back on your childhood with happy memories. I promise I will always do my best to make you feel like the most loved and cherished child in the world. However we will teach you respect because that is really important. You will always come first in our lives. If one day we are lucky enough to be blessed with a brother or sister for you then you will have to share that promise but for right now you are our number one.

We love you and couldn’t live without you. Thank you for the wonderful year of laughter, joy and happiness.

Happy 1st Birthday to you, beautiful girl.

Love your mummy x x

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