Letter to My B

Well beautiful Girl you did it! Six months post op today. Of course I should have know that you would sail through this just like you do with everything in life.

Mummy and daddy need to take a leaf out of your book. This time six months ago we were in bits. I still had not stopped crying after handing you over to the surgeon in the OR. They took you from us at 1.30pm and I don’t how we made it to twenty to eight that night when Professor Redmond finally made the final repair and brought you back to ICU.

We waited patiently outside the ICU while they fixed you up. We got to see you at 8.30pm. Your beautiful face and rosy pink lips, it was such a relief but such a nightmare also.

Now six months on we get to breath a little sigh of relief. We are now officially allowed to believe in this operation, to know that you will do wonderful things with you life. We can see the change you have made to us, our family, our friends and even total strangers.

You have been through so much in your short 17 months that you can only be destined for great things.

We love you and thank you for the wonderful gift you have given us. You fill our lives with Joy, happiness and pleasure.

You are a cheeky monkey, always up to mischief and wild beyond belief. You get into so much trouble but then you give us that beautiful smile, shake your head from side to side and say ” hi ya” over and over again until our heart melts and we smile. So there you are! That’s the reason your ruined, the reason you run riot and the reason there is no stopping you, but that’s ok! We love that you can do what you do, that you love the way you do, that you are who you are. As I have said before if I spent forever dreaming you up I couldn’t.

We love you so much B and I know we are going to be the best of friends, your mummy x x

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