Life is a rollercoaster

Hi guys.

This week I finally got to experience what my mummy and daddy are always going on about. The rollercoaster of life. I am thinking I am a little young to know about the ups and downs of life but I guess I do everything early so why not the rollercoaster as well?

I guess I will start with the down part and get it out of the way as it makes me really sad. My best heart buddy Mia is still in hospital. This is like a whole month guys, which is a very long time for a baby who has only been around for eight months! I would so not be impressed if it was me! Also the Doctors are saying really scary things to her mummy and daddy. They even told them to pray. So I am asking ye guys a big favour please pray for my friend Mia. I am even going to ask Santa for Mia to be all better as my Christmas present. I know it’s a big present so I don’t want anything else only for Mia to be back home so we can have our skype play date that our mummy’s promised us. Man this CHD is a big pain in the nappy.

On a brighter note I finally got to eat my first mac Donald’s meal yesterday. What can a girl do? I gota support him as mummy and daddy will be staying in his house when we are in crumlin for my OHS next year. As many of you know this was what I requested on a daily basis when I was in mummy’s tummy. It was great then because all I had to do was think about a delicious big mac meal and mummy would just get daddy to go and get it. It was amazing how that worked every time. Yesterday mummy and I had to go get the shopping and on our way we popped in and I got to taste my first chip in the big outside world. What can I say! I am loving it! A wonderful up:-)

Then poor grand dad goes and slams the boot of his car on his right hand and ends up in hospital. Oh no, poor grand dad. He needed stitches inside and out and then the plastic surgeon had to fix his finger. Grand dad told me it doesn’t matter as long as I am alright he doesn’t care about anything else. I love my grand dad.

So there you have it guys, that’s all my news. It’s been a pretty big ride this week. I hope next week won’t be such a scary ride. I realise I hate roller coaster just like my mummy does.

Love you all lots like jelly tots, your Baby B x x



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