Little Lady

Hi all, how are ye all doing? daddy has started calling me little lady so it’s the name of my blog entry for today. Well things are really starting to settle down for me and mummy and daddy. Thank god. I am only a little over three weeks old but the drama in my life already has taken it’s toll. I am well and truly ready to relax and start taking it easy.

Mummy is talking about getting into a routine. I think that means we do the same thing at the same time everyday. How boring is that like! Mummy has to work in her home office tomorrow and daddy has to go into work in his office in town. This means I will not have 24 hour attention from both of them like I am used to. Oh no what will I do? I am used to alot of attention I am.

Well daddy put together my cot. It’s really beautiful. I took a picture on mummy’s phone so you can all see it. It’s in mummy and daddy’s room at the moment. I heard mummy tell daddy I am not moving out of their room till I am 30! I hope she is joking a girl needs her privacy you know. Plus it’s a little off putting when they stare at me when I am sleeping. Really do they have anything else to do!

So that’s it folks finally having a normal boring baby life. It’s just what the doctor ordered for a while anyway. Hope you like my new cot.

Love ye all. B. Xx x

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