'Make a Wish' for Me

Angel B here checking in on all of you always. I am so excited and delighted to see that the first week of my legacy has taken off so well. I cannot believe we managed to raise close to €8,000 for my favourite charity “Make a Wish” in a little over a week! Imagine what we can do with another week! To everyone who has donated I want to say a massive “Thank You”. You have helped make a wish come true for a special child like me.

Also, the sheer number of “Acts of Kindness“ that has taken place in my name this week has blown me away. I did not even have to lift one of my little angel fingers. I just enjoyed the show. I saw how you laughed and had fun while you undertook your acts of kindness. I was smiling along with you as you took joy from helping the poor as you buttered bread to make sandwiches and made cakes to be given to them. I jumped and kicked the water as you cleaned and washed cars for others. I nibbled at one of the chocolates and smelled the flowers you sent to cheer up the elderly. I helped to think of positive things to write on the cards you sent around to everyone in your estate to help cheer them up in these difficult times and make them smile during yet another lock down.

I promise this silly virus will be over soon. I have inside information from Holy God but please do not let it be known that this has come from me!!!!!

What you are doing right now was always the most important thing for me to do while I was on earth, to pass on kindness and love…. Its safe to say that Holy God is incredibly happy with me and the work that I have done down on earth to serve, love and spread kindness.

I have visited most of the world this week. The world is so beautiful to me and I was so excited to stand next to each and every one of you from Ireland to America… Australia to Peru and everywhere in between. When you were taking a picture for me in my name with my sign #theHeartAngel please know I was right there beside you taking in the beauty of the world and of you. If you have not seen your picture make sure to keep looking as I will share them all. Keep checking out all the photos in the photo section of my website www.theheartangel.com as I will update them as you send them to me.

I guess you are all wondering what I am doing every day up here in Heaven. I am so lucky to be able to write to you and share this magnificent experience with you all. I really wish you could see me. I am around all of you all the time. My soul is an energy and unlike down on earth I can be with a million different people all at once. I know it is hard for you to understand this, but I promise it will all become clear when it’s your turn to join me in this paradise. The new and improved Angel version of me is not visible to humans. Therefore, I am constantly leaving signs for you all to feel my presence. When you send a picture of a rainbow to my mummy to make her smile, I am right next to you and her hugging you both so warmly.

As I am a little nosey (not as nosey as my cousin Brookie mind you) this is an amazing experience for me. Last week I got to watch my 4th class girls busy at school doing boring maths ( I can tell you that I am super glad I don’t have to do that anymore). I tried to cause a little chaos in the class. I know they all miss me having the craic and getting away with it like only I could. I was able to interrupt my boyfriend Jason’s live zoom feed to the whole school. As he was explaining his project on screen in everyone’s class, I managed to stop the show for a few seconds and put a big letter B on the screen. It was hilarious. I was laughing so much. I hope you all know that that was me!

When it was lunch time I stayed and played with Ruby, Lucy and Chloe in the yard. I ran, laughed, and jumped right next to them. I soared high in the sky and flew super-fast all over the yard. I felt so free and happy and loved seeing my girls so much. I was only ever allowed to watch them out of the classroom window at lunch time when I was with them here on earth. I was barely allowed walk never to mind fun and fly through the air. I loved watching them have fun but oh how I wished I could have run and jumped like them. Now I can and it is simply the most amazing feeling in the word.

I watched granda in his shed this week thinking about me and crying… how I wished I could have hugged him and told him that I was with him. I can’t wait to play a game of cards with him, 25 is our favourite. This is the first thing we will do when his work on earth is over.

I am with you always as I am now, right next to you as you read this and right next to you as you undertook your acts of kindness in my name. I am bursting with pride as I see you all my lovely family and friends like busy bees.

As I am doing so well with my legacy, I am becoming somewhat of a super angel up here in Heaven. Please keep things moving down there for me. You have no idea how important each one of your actions is to make this world a better place.

I can feel all the love and pride from you as you undertake your Act of kindness. The feeling of joy from those who are on the receiving side of your kindness is magnificent. I wish you could feel it to. I am literally bursting as I am bathing in the light of this love. That is why you see the shining sun all week. Every part of me is increasing with light and love. One act of Kindness at a time is making the world a nicer and better place to live in. We need this now more than ever. Everyone’s actions working together will have a tsunami effect of pure love, joy and peace. Please keep spreading my word and encourage love, peace and happiness everywhere you go. You will never regret a good deed. Remember that Heaven is an incredibly beautiful place. I can’t wait for you to see. With all the love you are sharing you are taking a tiny step closer to me.

B bear hugs and kisses to you all,

Until next time,


Angel B

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