Me and my baby

Updated: Sep 28, 2020

Hi guys, how are ye doing? I am feeling a little bit better. I have been really sick for the last two weeks with a really nasty cold. I hope I am turning a corner now. I have had to miss my best friends birthday party in Galway because of this silly cold.

Poor daddy has managed to catch the Man Flu. Now from what I hear this is like the worst possible flu ANYONE can ever get. We girls are sooooo lucky because we can’t catch Man Flu, only guys can! With Man Flu you can’t do anything for yourself and you have to stay in bed and be nursed for ages. However if girls get the flu they can still do everything…. Phew 😉

Nanny and Grand dad are sick as well! It’s like a small hospital here! Thankfully all my other family are ok. I was with Nana Rose and auntie Lauretta during the week and then yesterday I minded my baby all day.

Now this is a seriously responsible job. I spent the whole day holding her hand and hugging her. I kept putting her dummy in her mouth and every time she tried to go to sleep I woke her up. I couldn’t have her missing out on all the fun!

In other news the photo shoot for the Echo was a disaster. I am so not impressed with mummy and daddy! I spent ages getting ready and dressed up for the photo shoot. Uncle Mark turned up with Gra and my friends Tadgh and Jason. I was super excited!

But then this guy appears from no where and I thought he was a doctor ready to give me an injection. Usually when people turn up at my house that I don’t know I end up getting hurt as usually they are here to give me an injection. So I made sure not to do what he said and cried my eyes out. I was pretty proud of myself when he left with out giving me an injection,until I heard the grown ups talking about the paper and the picture. Oh man DEVASTATED I was….. Anyway I will be in the ECHO on Monday, but please remember when you see my picture why I don’t looking stunning.

I also learned how to get out of my cot this week. So mummy and daddy had to take down the sides. Wooo hooo freedom:-)

My mummy didn’t have such a good week. Her I phone broke, she broke the washing machine, dropped my meds on the floor and they smashed all over the place, she lost her laser card….. The list goes on. Thankfully now that I can get out of my bed so easily she gets to spend two hours putting me to bed now. So that’s great for her. Last night we had loads of fun. I kept getting out of bed and she kept putting me back. So exciting.

Anyway guys I really Gota run. It’s Saturday which means major house wreaking so mummy and daddy can have loads of fun cleaning up after ME!

Love ye all your little lady B x x





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