Hey guys, I am soooo totally mad. Just let me tell you, first of all mummy hijacked my blog and went all soppy on me. I am so totally mortified. Then to make matters worse mummy informed me that her girls night away in kinsale next Saturday does not include Liadh and I!!! OMG what am I going to tell Liadh! She was super excited and thought I was the bees knees for organising for us to tag along – Devastated I am.

Like how can mummy do this to me? She is ruining my life. I am so not going to be in the cool gang now 😦 also I was planning on popping into my good friends the nuns while I was down in Kinsale. These ladies are the best people in the world guys. They pray for me every day and mummy says this is what’s making me and my heart so strong. So I really have to keep in with them cause they are extra good and kind to me.

Now mummy has gone and ruined my plans. While I was popping into see my nun friends, I was going to check the place put. You see daddy wants me to join the nuns so I will be safe from all the silly boys. If I liked the place I was going to put my name down. I think it’s probably like school. Mummy found out I need to put my name down now if I want a place in four years time. So if I put my name down now for the nuns I will be pretty much guaranteed a place right?

Totally getting off the subject of this post, sorry. So back to me been mad – so if mummy wreaking my blog and heading off without me for a night ( I know it’s half an hour down the road but still !!!) isn’t enough to deal with I hear auntie Laura has deserted me as well and headed off to take that in Dublin, nana and grand dad have headed off on holidays for the week and nana rose and auntie Lauretta are down in Bere Island. I don’t even know where uncle Pete is but that’s ok cause he called me the “bold baby “so uncle pete and I are currently on the not speaking terms to each other. I just Gota put him in his place guys. If he is not careful he will totally blow my cover and the others will know how spoilt I am. At the moment it seems he is the only one in my family smart enough to know that I rule the roost. Obviously he is not officially blood related, he is married to auntie Laura so I guess that explains it. So guys does that mean I won’t be smart cause I am blood related! Oh man as if I dont have enough to deal with. Sure god help my family 🙂

So with everyone gone that just leaves mummy, daddy and I. These two better provide sufficient entertainment for me. I am used to having loads of people and now I am down to only two ! Oh man!!!

My good friend Zander had his open heart surgery this week and did super well. Heart hugs Z your my hero:-) hope I do as well as u when it’s my turn.

It’s daddy’s day tomorrow guys. We already had mummy’s day. I asked mummy when it was baby’s day and she told me everyday is baby’s day. So I guess I am not getting a special day for just me either. Oh man what can I say! I am having a bad day. Hope tomorrow starts looking up.

Talk to ye all real soon – I love u lots like jelly tots your Baby B x x

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