Seriously guys I am absolutely mortified at the picture mummy put up of me. She has seriously messed up my future modelling career. OMG if there’s any modelling agencies out there scouting my blog please rest assured that was a bad angle and you know the camera adds pounds.

As usual mummy was being dramatic, whats new eh guys! Mummy and daddy got a bit of a fright this morning when they saw me. Seriously guys I don’t know what these two expect from me. I just had a six hour open heart surgery. Hello !!! I think I am doing super.

The lady in the blue top told mummy she had never heard of anyone having their three operations in one, never mind a small baby like me. She obviously never met my heart buddy Lana from Galway. She had her operations all together like me. We are special you see, there is only four in a million like us 🙂

So I didn’t want another episode like yesterday, I need to keep some of my street cred guys. If mummy keeps acting like this my complete and utter mortification will sky rocket through the roof. So to stop mummy crying or collapsing or making daddy cry I decided I would make a bit of an effort. So I sat up and played with Oso for a little while. Thankfully this was enough to put a smile on mummy and daddy’s face and have them back acting like kids again. Phew, now I can relax again for a while that I have them settled. Oh man – six hour open heart surgery and I am still expected to babysit my mummy and daddy.

Well I am a little tired guys from my OHS and all that so I hope you don’t mind if I head off now. Gota try and get a few more of these lines pulled out. My central line was taken out today and I got off the vent and I managed to pull off my oxygen line and my temperature reading line myself. Now I need to start working on all the monitor circular things, my three drain tubes and my freddy. Take a guess at what will be left by tomorrow 🙂

So from the ICU in Crumlin’s children’s hospital I wish you a good night. Below are a few pics of me as you probably don’t believe that I am sitting up after my six hour OHS yesterday. Everyone is amazed by me. That’s because I am amazing guys:-) ha ha. Hope your all being good for Santa. Love you all, as always your Baby B x x




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