Moving on up

Hi guys, this week I moved yet again! Can you believe it? That’s three moves in one month. First I was nice and happy in mummy and daddy’s room, then they moved me into the room next door too them. Mummy didn’t like me in that room because she said it was too big and not very cosy or baby looking. So poor daddy spent the week painting and decorating my new room. I must say I like my new room the best, It’s totally me:-) daddy said I will be in the shed next because I am moving further and further away from them. Silly Daddy, I am just across the hall. A girl needs her independence and own space you know. I sure hope he is joking about the shed however, I don’t want that much space! So now we are all sleeping much better as mummy and daddy don’t wake me if they move. I am such a light sleeper I am 🙂

More good news this week. My friend Mia is doing super. She had her second operation and it was a success so I hope she will be home soon so we can have our Skype play date.

Today auntie Laura and Uncle Pete only have six more weeks until the stork brings my Cuz. Guys I am so super excited to meet him or her. As you can see I can totally keep a secret. I haven’t told ANYONE yet if it’s a boy or girl and I know for ages. My Nana Ah Ah keeps buying me yummy buttons and dolls in the hope that she will win me over and I will spill the beans. Just between you and me I am going to keep playing along because I just love my chocolate buttons but I am never going to tell.

So everyone I am off to Fota Zoo now with mummy and daddy. We are going to see the Monkeys. I just love the Monkeys. I haven’t been there since I brought Nana Rose there for her 60 th birthday. Oh oh she is not going to be impressed with me telling the world how absolute ancient she is. Don’t tell her I told you ok.

So bye for now. I love you all loads, your moving Baby B



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