Mummy’s cooking

Hi guys – well what a day today. I had another first. I ate lovely rice in my new big girl chair. You should see it guys – it’s class. Also mummy’s cooking is yummy. I really enjoyed my rice and had a full five spoons all by myself. Well mummy is doing the actual putting the spoon into my mouth but I did everything else myself. I don’t think that’s so bad for a 14 week old.

I am also able to pull myself up to a standing position now with the help of daddy. Mummy is a little worried that I am too young for this but I am fine guys. I am just super strong that’s all.

Also tonight is an extra special night for me. All my nun friends in kinsale are saying special prayers to pope John Paul II for me. They already achieved one miracle for me by my safe arrival and I also got to miss my first operation. Tonight they are saying special prayers so that I might get to miss my second operation. Oh man that would be great. However even if I need my second one that will be ok cause I am getting bigger and stronger every day and the most important thing is I missed my first.

Sorry guys completely went off my point there. Thank you friends for all the prayers. You are so good to me. So guys heading to bed now. I am so completely exhausted guys. Mummy and daddy are keeping me up every night now until half ten. I am so tried I only wake up twice for my bottle but go back to sleep really fast cause I am so sleepy.

Then mummy and daddy trick me with their black out blinds. Now that they are more confident with me we don’t have any night light anymore and they started using their black out blinds again. This means I have no idea when it’s time to get up. Today I slept in till half nine after my seven o clock bottle. I am a little worried about this guys. I am worried that I am slowly losing control of the situation. Before I was the boss and dictated when we all woke up. Now I am real worried that I am letting things slip. The way things are going I might actually sleep all night or something crazy like that. Really need to keep my eye on the ball.

Anyway I guess I better get some sleep or I ll never be up early in the morning.

Love ye all guys. Kiss from your favourite Baby B xx

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