My Blessing

Well guys all I can say is I had one amazing day. I totally amazed myself by my super good behaviour. I was in great form all day and really enjoyed myself. Mummy has asked me to say a big thank you to all my friends and relations who brought me some wonderful presents. I got beautiful bracelets, necklaces, picture frames, books that you can record mummy’s voice on a beautiful ornament of a mummy daddy and baby, an amazing photo that uncle brian made for me and loads of beautiful new dresses for me oh and vouchers so mummy and I can go shopping. So excited about that guys ;-).

Mummy was giving out saying it was totally unnecessary as you guys have already spoilt me so much. Mummy thinks it’s sinful that I got so many things and I am spoilt. Really guys going to have to talk to this woman and shut her up. I just love been spoilt guys. Bring it on.

Auntie Michelle took the most amazing photos of me. I am so going to hire her when I am famous to take my professional photos. She totally gets me and always gets my good side. I will post a few here for you to see but there are so many good ones daddy is going to post a link to my website later so ye can all see more of me 😉

I was so lucky with the weather. The sun shone brightly for me. Everyone was so happy. It was great to have this special day to mark my arrival into this big crazy world.

So guys that’s the update so far. I still have lots of entertaining to do as all mummy’s aunts and uncles are still here. Having a BBQ at the moment guys so I better get back. Will update more when I am not do busy.

Love ye lots guys B x x



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