My first birthday party

Hi guys today I went to my very first birthday party. My friend julies first birthday. It was so great guys. Had a lovely day and I got to get all dressed up in my party dress. I also cheered on munster with daddy but we won’t even go there. One word for it – Mortified.

After all that I got to chill out with my nana rose and auntie Lauretta. Mummy had an airport transfer with work so nana minded me for a few hours. Right now I am just relaxing in bed with mummy and daddy. Haven’t figured out if tonight is the night I sleep through the night or not. What do you think guys! Is it time for mummy to have a full eight hours sleep for the first night this year! Ha ha – I don’t think so. Why? Cause I am worth it 😉

Love ye lots like sweet jelly tots, your favourite Baby B x x

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