My first wedding

So everyone I had a really busy week this week. We visited Professor Redmond in Dublin. This is the doctor who will be repairing my heart. As you all know my heart is special and a little different to yours unless your really special like me:-) God was really busy the day he made me and he forgot a few things and got things a little mixed up. That’s ok because he did mean to do it you see. He put me on this journey so that I could meet loads of amazing people and so I could enjoy everyday of my life. Which I am doing guys. It’s also helped mummy and daddy to change and become better people. Well that’s what mummy is always saying anyway.

So Professor Redmond is a really important man. Daddy warned me that I needed to be really good during the meeting as what he was about to tell us was really important. He told us that my operation was going to be next year between January and June. They need me to be really big and strong because it’s a really big operation. Also I am not like all the other baby’s who have three operations. The way my heart is made up and the the way my veins run so differently means I have to have two operations in one.

Oh man I don’t know if this is good news or bad. The doctor explained that it’s both. It’s good ’cause I will hopefully only have to go through this once. It’s bad because it’s a very hard, serious and difficult operation and recovery is harder. At this point I tuned out of the conversation because I was getting a little bored and then when I heard I was going to be asleep for the whole thing anyway I realised that I didn’t need to know any of this information. Seriously guys what a waste of my concentration and play time!

So then a really great thing happened. I learned that when mummy really needs to keep me quiet I can get away with ANYTHING. While the doctor was talking to mummy and daddy she gave me the things that she uses to clean my bum. I think they are called “baby wipes”. Guys you just got to get yourselves a pack of these. They are amazing. I took every one of the wipes out of the packet. One by one. I kept looking at mummy to see what she was going to do. I never get past one without her taking the pack away. I was up to millions before they finished:-)

I must say I was so proud of myself. Mummy and daddy kept apologising for my mess. I don’t know why I think I did a cool decoration job. My Doctors office was really boring, all big brown leather seats and desks with windows that go from the floor to the ceiling. I think I added a splash of colour to a really boring office if you ask me.

Anyway we drove home from Dublin and the next day I attended my very first wedding. I was so super excited guys but mummy was more excited than me. She couldn’t wait to dress me up. I got to wear my very special wedding dress and big girl tights, ballet shoes and the coolest hairband ever.

I was busy taking notes during the wedding. As you know I am currently house hunting for my perfect house so I thought it’s only natural to start taking notes for my wedding to Daragh. Think Big guys that’s all I can say about my wedding. The bride Louise looked beautiful so I am just going to borrow her dress for the day. I guess it’s kind of like the clothes system mummy has going on with my FMIL ( that’s future mother in law guys) Deborah. And my FMIL has with Tadgh’s and Jason’s mummy. They all swap our things between them. You see we grow out of things really quick so I will just wait for Louise to grow out of her dress so I can have it. That should be within Three to six months. I think that’s the time frame for when we grow out of things and get new things. Can’t wait 🙂

I had the best day at the wedding and everyone said I was super good. I was quiet for the whole mass and I laughed and clapped hands all through the meal. I got a special high chair. Everyone kept coming over to tell mummy and daddy how beautiful I was. I just love an audience so I did my new smile that gets every one really excited. I scrunch up my nose while I smile. Everyone always laughs at that.

The big thing I learned that day was you have to marry the person you love the most. This is really important as you have to spend the rest of your life with that person. So even though I really, really like Daragh and he will be my boyfriend for a while I decided that when I grow up I am going to marry my Daddy.

Love ye all loads guys. Until next week, your Baby B x x


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