My future husband and Me :-)

Hey everyone I am super excited today. It’s official my future husband to be is Daragh. I love it. Had a lunch date with him today. Auntie Deb and Auntie Gra where there as well. Daragh just loves me. I love him as well, I am delighted he is a boy now and not a girl like I had planned. I guess god always gets the plan right. I felt bad for poor Jason, but what’s a girl gonna do ! Daragh is the man for me.

Auntie Deb made mummy a lovely lunch. She is never going to fit into the dress she got for my blessing. Oh man that will mean more shopping.

We called over to nana rose and auntie Lauretta today as well and then nana and grand dad called up to my house with loads of nappies and milk. I have enough now to last me for ages.

Daddy told mummy that he is taking us out on a special date on Sunday. It’s a surprise. I am really excited about this. The whole day for just mummy and me. Daddy is going to spoil us.

Check out my new man below. He is really good looking don’t you think ! We make a cute couple. The next posh and Becks me thinks 🙂 Only the best for me:-)

Have a great weekend guys. Love ye lots B x x

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