My Gift to You!

Oh my goodness guys, you are literally not going to believe it. Holy God has agreed that I can let you in on a few secrets from Heaven. He agreed to let me tell you all what exactly happens to you when you join me in Heaven. I cannot wait to tell you the amazing things that awaits you when you finally are finished your work and you join me up here. If I was like my cousin Jacob, I would tell you all right now. He can’t keep a secret to save his life. Thank God he has me looking out for him. If I was my cousin Brooke you might never know. I hope Brooke tells my mummy some of our secrets when she is older. She was the best for keeping my secrets. However, it’s me so I am like my nana Frances. I take forever to tell my story. I could speak for Ireland I could. When you get to the bottom of this blog, I promise it will be worth it and you will be glad you know the best kept secrets of Heaven.

As you all probably know its Halloween today. I absolutely loved Halloween when I was on Earth. Auntie Laura always did our scary make up and crazy hair. I always had the best Halloween party in my house after we went trick or treating with all my friends. Well the next few days are incredibly special here in Heaven so let me tell you why and how you are about to find out something that is going to literally blow your mind and hopefully change your life forever.

Halloween is a day of falling leaves for the end of autumn but also the start of winter and the snow season. I am going to send snow this year. Yes, you heard correctly. I am working extremely hard up here so you can all have a beautiful white Christmas this year. I think the world deserves some beauty after this year of pain that is “2020”. Let me tell you I am not too pleased with this year myself either and don’t even go there with how my poor family on Earth are feeling about 2020… we would need a whole other blog entry for that and I just don’t have the time or patience for that right now as I am just bursting to tell you my secret!!!

So long story short Halloween is a time for celebration and superstition. Children dress up in scary costumes to scare away ghosts. Obviously, Halloween is a bit different this year because holy God knew that I am around you all today as my ”acts of kindness” page has taken over your news feeds. So very sorry about that. I am terribly busy following so many of you around as you undertake your “acts of kindness”. I am loving seeing all the costumes but most of all your acts of love. I am glad that none of you are going to be around trick or treating later tonight however as you might scare me in the dark. I am still a young Angel and still learning.

Instead, have fun with your family, laugh while your mummy and daddy show you pictures of the masks and black plastic bags they used to wear back in the olden days. Mark, my Auntie Marie’s older brother told me all about it in my interview up here. I am serious guys you are going to be completely mortified that they are your parents. When they google and show you what they used to wear in the 80’s, let me just tell you, you need to be prepared. Don’t worry it wasn’t just your parents, I have it on good authority that every kid you know parents wore this, so no need to hide it but don’t go around bragging about it either. The less said about the whole thing the better.

If that wasn’t bad enough, they used to stick their heads in a water bucket trying to bite apples with their hands tied behind their backs and all for a miserly 10 cent. I know you think I am joking… Man how I wish I were. I have no idea how such intelligent kids like our generation ever came from them. Anyway, this is my lunch break … I am squeezing in my blog entry as I have a feeling its going to be an extra busy week ahead so I really do need to get on with it and tell you the secret that hardly anyone on Earth knows.

I am sure you are all wondering what my gift to you is. Well you see its this special secret I am allowed share with you today. The 1st and 2nd of November is an especially important day up here in Heaven. My butterfly Nana was intelligent enough to earn her angel wings during these days at the ripe old age of very close to 90. She worked awfully hard on earth. I was the clever one. I had 9 amazing, fantastic, just living the good life years and got out before the real work started for me. Ye all know I only do fun… never work. As you will see below when it all becomes clear to you in a few minutes, I am getting you to do my work for me instead as I enjoy the wonders of heaven. It is called delegating baby and man am I good at that.

Its butterfly nanas anniversary party this weekend. Life is just one big party up here, just the way I like it. So as its my butterfly nana’s party and my first time in Heaven during the “All souls party” weekend Holy God has agreed to let me tell you exactly what happens to you when you come to join me in heaven. Yes, you read correct. I am allowed tell you what happens to you step by step. You see every spirit in Heaven can speak to their loved ones during this incredibly special time. The veil between us Angels and you Humans are thinnest during the next three days. So, if you have a loved one in heaven listen carefully over the next few days. If you hear them speaking to you in your mind, then I promise it is them speaking to you and not just your imagination.

As I can speak to you all the time anyway, I have a direct line to you all through my mummy, I held a negotiation meeting with Holy God. Those of you who knew me on earth know that I am a born negotiator and saleswoman. I get this from my Grand auntie Mel you see. My Great Granda Bill told me a very funny story about her “negotiation skills she used to up her pocket money down on Earth when she was a little girl like me”. He called her his ”onion” whatever that means…. Great Granda Bill talks a lot and sometimes he goes off the point. I guess I get skills from him also.

So back to the point!!!! Butterfly nana is a bigger push over than my mummy…. Can you believe it? She gave me her presents for her anniversary day, so I was able to use them as a bargaining tool during the negotiation process meeting with God. Like my mummy she only cares if I am happy. My mummy was always my Genie in a bottle and made all my dreams come through. She asked butterfly nana to mind me while she was finishing up her work on Earth. I love butterfly nana so much she is just like my mummy. Only problem is she is a bit too much like my mummy. If I hear “Fly and zoom slower Angel B one more time………...!!!!” Honestly, I only got these babies last month. I sure do want to use my wings!!! I walked slow enough on Earth its my time to fly high now.

So finally, here goes. This is what happens to you when it is your time to join me and all your loved ones in Heaven. I have spent the last month and a half since I got here interviewing all my family angels. I finally finished my last interview today with my Granda Michael. It seems that he is an incredibly quiet gentleman, just like my daddy. This was my favourite interview of all as it felt like I was talking to and hugging my daddy as I sat on Granda Michaels’ lap. He patiently waited for the last month and a half as I interviewed all my family. He is just so lovely, I am glad I saved the best for last.

They all have the exact same story to tell as me. Exactly what happened to me, happened to them. So, it seems I have my facts correct so I can tell you this correctly. It is the most important bit of information you will ever hear in your lifetime. I hope it really makes a difference to you and how you are going to live your life from now on.

I need to take you back to that day Friday the 16th of September. I was just getting settled in ICU after my big operation. I could not wait to see my mummy and daddy. I was so happy to have made it. I am not going to lie, I worried so much about this operation. I was so nervous. I was worried something would happen to me. The lovely nurse started suctioning me to clear my lungs. I felt a funny flutter in my heart. Then all hell broke loose (excuse the pun). In no time at all 27 doctors and nurses where running around me sticking tubes in here and there. Noooo they all promised me no more needles. Then I saw them pounding really hard on my chest and pumping a big balloon that they had stuck in my mouth. There were all taking turns frantically pumping and pumping.

I felt myself float above my body. I could see my mummy and daddy talking to another daddy as they waited patiently outside the ICU door to see me. Daddy looked so happy, he was laughing and telling my story to the other daddy. Mummy looked worried but nothing new there. We were in crumlin. She always freaks out in Crumlin. Then my critical illness nurse Kathleen came out the doors of ICU. I saw her talking to my mummy and daddy. Oh no what has she said. Mummy barely made it to the family room before she collapsed onto the floor. Mummy what’s wrong!!! Daddy was crying. Oh my God something terrible must be happening Daddy never cries. I see mummy getting her phone. She is calling Auntie Laura. I hear her tell my auntie that something terrible has happened. That they are doing compressions on me and they may not be able to save me. Oh Goodness that does not sound good.

I start to cry. Then suddenly darkness…………… all I can see is black. Then I hear my mummy’s voice. I can feel her holding my hand. “Please B come back to us”. ”Please B, stay with me”. “I love you, I need you. I promise you don’t have to go to school for the whole year”. “No you never have to go again if you just stay with me”. “I will learn how to play minecraft with you”. Everything goes black again.

The next voice I hear is my daddy. He is not making any sense. He doesn’t sound like my daddy, but I know his voice. His words are what are different. He is always the voice of reason. What his he is saying!!! He sounds broken. I want to squeeze his hand two times. That’s how we tell each other that we loved each other. I couldn’t do it. My brain didn’t send the signal to my hand. This is just awful. I am so sad. This blackness goes on for so long once again.

I hear all the voices, the beeping of machines, the pain in my mummy and daddy’s voices but I can’t do anything. Then I hear the priest blessing me and then I hear I am making my confirmation. Oh man, I do hope I still get confirmation cards with money in them. I may be an angel, but I am no saint … I still would like my money after all I am making my confirmation, so I hope I still have a party, when am I going to buy my new dress. I love my confirmation name “Margaret” after my beautiful butterfly nana. Everything goes quiet again but not dark, now I see light. I see her beautiful face… its my butterfly nana. She is taking me by the hand. I feel myself floating above my body as I hold hands with her gentle soft hand. She is wearing all white like me.

I looked down and daddy is holding my other hand. He has not let go of it since I heard the doctors tell my mummy they are turning off the machine. I look down at my body. Mummy is on the other side cuddling me and crying. My God father Mark walks into the room. He is quickly followed by nana, granda, Uncle Pete and auntie Laura. They are all heartbroken and crying. I have never seen them all so sad before.

Then I hear my God father Mark say “Look there is a butterfly”. Sure enough a butterfly was flying around ICU at 4am that September morning. It was my butterfly nan. I tell butterfly nan I need to get back, I can’t leave them like this. Then I hear my mummy “Go with butterfly nana B, she will mind you for me. Be free B. I love you so much. Please be free in heaven, run and jump, have fun, know we love you forever”

That was the last time I heard my mummy’s voice. I looked up at butterfly Nan. She did not speak to me like my mummy and daddy did with her voice. Her voice was in my mind, it was like she was speaking in my head. “My beautiful Angel B, remember your promise to holy God and Mary exactly 10 years ago today. Remember you made a promise to go home to them”. It suddenly came rushing back to me that beautiful sunny Friday afternoon in Heaven when they all caught me jumping on the clouds instead of been tucked up in my bed like the rest of the Angels. I had to keep my promise to holy God. So, I blew my beautiful family a kiss and whispered good bye.

I looked up at butterfly nana as we both floated through a tunnel of light that makes our sun on Earth seem like a candle flickering in the wind. Then all my beautiful Angel family, my soul mates that I have known for all eternity are all around me embodying me in this amazing pattern of light. I know it is so hard for you to see what I mean. The only thing on Earth that is similar to this is the Northern lights but even when they are at their best, they do not hold light to what I am experiencing right now. In this place of timelessness, they are all communicating with me thought their thoughts. I immediately hear and understand all of them all at once.

I see Caoimhe. Oh, my how I missed my girl. She was my best friend in heaven. My closest and nearest angel soul mate. I immediately feel safe. This breath-taking feeling of tranquillity overtakes me. I hear the magical sounds of heaven. Oh, my how I missed them. I immediately make a mental note to send my heart buddy Mia a message to somehow find a way to send sounds like this to my mummy and daddy back on Earth so they too can hear my beautiful voice. You see Mia was nearly taken home by the angels back in 2011. She had her heart operation then and she very briefly got to see heaven once again. She is an Angel walking on earth now. Holy God sent her back to her family as she as a lot of work to do here on Earth still. Due to her experience in 2011 she is very easy to contact from heaven as she still has her Angel mind working away in the background.

I am coming very close to the end of the tunnel now. All my Angel family that have passed are wrapping their light of heaven around me protecting me as I finally reach the end. They are wrapped around me and I feel nothing but love and unending happiness. The magnificent gates of heaven are opening for me. It is my turn to come home. My uncle Pete’s daddy is standing behind the gates waiting for me with my entire soul cluster that have already transitioned to heaven. He is the first of my soul cluster to greet me. Only your very close soul mates are sent to fetch you from Earth to guide your transition to heaven. Holy God cannot let your whole cluster leave.

I see Uncle Pete’s daddy is having a chat with saint Peter who is slowing opening the magnificent golden entrance of heaven for me. I can see him having the” criac” (in Ireland that means fun) with St Peter…. Oh, my goodness if I did not know better, I would think that he was my uncle Pete. He looks the exact same as who I just left crying by my bed on Earth. The only difference is this guy is ready to party and welcome me home. The minute I set eyes on Uncle Petes daddy I can see his beautiful life on earth. I see him holding Uncle Pete as baby and twilling him around and around in air while Brooke’s auntie’s run around as little girls by his feet. I see him kissing uncle Pete’s mummy just like Uncle Pete kisses my Auntie Laura. I can see his whole beautiful life, but it only takes one minute in my head. I hear him speaking with Uncle Pete’s mummy and saying to her that they should really call their son Peter. Now I can see that Uncle Peter was named after Granda Edwards’s best friend in heaven. The gate keeper to the magical paradise I am about to enter I turn and thank St. Peter.

The most beautiful sight awaits me. A paradise of love and joy. The trees the sea and sky are all white. There are baby angles flying around the heavens. The trumpets are sounding for my arrival. The person I love the most is standing in front of me. I can feel the love and joy radiating from him to me. He turns to me and says “Welcome home my child, I am so glad to see you Angel B. Tell me B what have you done with your life? I try to begin to speak as I look into the eyes of Jesus.

Then it happens to me. An instantaneous holographic review of my life flashed before my eyes in an instance. A 360-degree simultaneous sight with all my senses being used as I stood in the middle breathing in my wonderful life of joy and happiness.

What was very different this time was that I was experiencing every single moment of my life through the senses of the people I loved, the people whom I was with on Earth. I could feel how I made them feel, I could see what they learned from me. In that moment I understood why every single thing happened in my life. “Everything happens for a reason” oh my is this so true.

I just got to tell you that I lived a very good life. I lived a life full of love and joy. Am I glad I did? Eternity is going to be spent feeling how you made others feel on earth. It can be your heaven, or it can feel like your hell. Holy God has nothing to do with how you spend eternity, its all up to you.

I felt the burst of pride that my daddy feels every time he sees me. I feel the unconditional love of my mummy for me and the joy she felt at becoming my mum. I feel the happiness I brought to both my nana’s. I feel the laughter I brought to my granda with everything I said. He just thinks I am hilarious, I kind of am. I feel the relief from a little girl I went to school with when I told the bully to stop at her and to be nice. I felt the awe from my cousin Jacob when I taught him how to hold his breath underwater. I literally have a pain in my tummy from Brooke’s laughter and tears of fun are running down my cheeks as mummy drives through Carrigaline village with the windows down as its 28 degrees. I turn the volume up on the radio and blet out the” Farting in Song” mummy is mortified. Brooke is laughing her head off in the back sit. I realise that its not my laughter or tears of joy I am feeling right now its Brookes. Man can that girl laugh.

Now I am dancing with my pink ladies. I am at my joint birthday party with Lucy. The four of us are in a circle and are jump dancing around to” best friends for ever” blaring from my daddies’ speakers. We are bursting with happiness. Then they see me … they see that I am breathless, they are sad that I have to stop. I can feel their pain……….. nooooooooooo stop it please. This hurts so much. I never feel pain. Its horrible. Please make it stop.

I am travelling through the speed of time again. You will understand this when you get to heaven. I am seeing what my life would have been like if I had turned and gone back down into my body in the ICU bed in Crumlin. I can see it but thank God I can’t feel it because this is the life that never happened. I see my pain, I see my heart growing weaker, I see my mummy freaking out, I see my daddy desperately trying to fix it but for once in his life he can’t fix this. Everyone is becoming so sad. You see the B that they know, and love is changing. I am becoming sad because my heart isn’t fixed. I am terrified as I can feel myself getting weaker as my heart fails. The valve damaged my heart and even though I had the best surgeon in the world my broken heart was only supposed to be broken for 10 years. Now its whole again. It never could have been nor was it supposed to last more than 10 years. I am right where I am supposed to be right now surrounded by nothing but love, happiness and joy.

Now the really great thing is happening. The best thing that has ever happened to me. I have completed my work on Earth with top class marks. My legacy is taking place right before my eyes. I see my mummy becoming stronger and stronger day by day with the love and support of our family and her amazing friends. I would like to say that they are as good as my pink ladies…. To mummy they are! they are her pink ladies, and they are amazing.

My daddy is coping better as well. My God father Mark is playing video games with him nearly all the time (baseball I think). It’s like back when they were little boys in Seaview. Their friendship from their youth is still there and they realise because of me that life is short and the most important thing in life is friends and making people happy not working all the time.

Now it is happening you are all starting to hear me… you are listening, you are taking in my story. I see you all completing your tasks of kindness. An unimaginable tsunami of emotions overtakes me. It literally knocks me over. It is happening ………………………. oh my I can see it as I suddenly sit still for the first time in my life………………..the world is changing. One small act of kindness at a time.

Its starting to spread like a lake of water overflowing all around this whole world. As the nice man on the radio interviewing my mummy this week said “The world is an awfully small place” was that guy correct or what. Every act of kindness is causing another act and another act. People are starting to feel happiness and joy once again as they see how happy they are making other people. Joy is seeping back into the world that was so sad all year and it’s all because of me.

The pandemic had nothing to do with holy God. He has given us all free will. He is desperately sad to see us suffer on Earth. The virus came to teach us all a lesson. To teach us that we do not need to be running around like headless chickens running from one event to the next and enjoying none of them. The virus has taught us all to spend time with our family and friends. I am teaching you the joy of only doing good in your life. The joy of giving and not just receiving all the time. So, this is the secret from heaven that I am allowed to share with you today. If you are lucky enough to hear me and undertake my challenge not just now but for the rest of your life, I promise you will spend eternity like I am spending it now. Literally floored by love and joy enjoying every single emotion from every single person who I caused love and joy to on earth. I promise you that if you live life this way, giving joy to others in everything you do you will know nothing but pure bliss for eternity. Please hear me and be a part of my legacy to change this world one act of kindness at a time.

I love you all more than you will ever know.

Your Angel B xx

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