My Guy

Well guys have not posted in a couple of days as I needed ye all to digest my big news. I am so super excited that I am going to be a big cousin guys. I will be the best boss , sorry I mean cousin ever.

In more news it’s my guys christening today. I just love my man Daragh, he is so cute and shy guys. We make the perfect pair.

I am watching special agent oso at the moment guys. Oso is super smart guys and is teaching me all kinds of new things. I heard mummy say that oso is in Symths toys now so she is going to get him for me tomorrow. Delighted guys;-)

Also my mummy’s cousin had a little girl yesterday and called her Isabelle May. I am so super excited to meet her guys and I just love her name.

Anyway I am totally missing out on my special agent oso programme guys so I Gota head and watch it.

I will let you know how my super cuties christening went. I am sure I ll get some great pics of me and him.

I am posting my most favourite picture of me and my grand dad. He is like the funniest person on the plant guys. He makes me roar with laughter every time I see him guys. I don’t know how he does it. Also he told me that I am his girl:-) I think I am the most important person in his life guys. I can’t help it that I am so cute. Please don’t tell Nana, Mummy or Auntie Laura cause they might be a bit jealous guys and I soooo don’t want to get grand dad in trouble.

Love ye guys your Baby B x x Mwah

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