My new Baby Brooke

So guys my blog is late because I have had the busiest week ever. First of all I must report that the stork got the order right and my cousin is a beautiful Baby girl named Brooke Hannah. Everyone thinks she is just lovely and really pretty but obviously not as fun as me. Guys I seriously hope this situation changes because this is not what I expected at all. She just lays there and crys and then there is a big drama and everyone is running around her.

Now this is not impressing me for two reasons. Firstly no one is paying any attention to Moi when she is around and secondly I was expecting someone to play with!!! I had loads of fun games planned and I was even willing to share my toys with her. Oh well I guess I will just have to keep them to myself.

So Brooke was born on a Tuesday. I was born on a Thursday. So we both have T as the first letter of our birthday day. Also my initials are BHOC and so are Brooke’s. We are going to be best friends when she grows up a little and learns to do more than just lay there and cry. I was never that boring guys.

If that wasn’t enough excitement for my week I ended up having to babysit not one but two of my Nana’s all weekend and my grand dad. It was also an overnighter because mummy and daddy were away at a wedding and it seems that my nana and grand dad can’t mind themselves when my mummy and daddy go away. So I was busy minding them all night.

If that was not enough I ended up having to entertain my Nana Rose and Auntie Lauretta all day long! Man them two are seriously hard to entertain. They just love my super cuteness so I have to act up all the time they are here. This is seriously tiring. I heard Nana on the phone to my mummy, my mummy was ringing to see if I was ok. Nana told her I was fine and she should be more worried about Nana Rose.

Guys I was so not impressed to hear this. I spent the whole day pulling out all of daddy’s DVD’s, spilling my dinner on her, running around the house and getting her to chase me, climbing the stairs when she was busy putting my toys back in the box. Seriously guys could I do much more to entertain her! No I didn’t think so….

Anyway I guess now you can understand why I was late blogging after my seriously long week. Then to add to my stress something really strange is happening to my auntie Laura. My seat on her belly has disappeared. Also get this she is shrinking. Now I didn’t want to say anything to alarm anyone but she is getting smaller and smaller by the day. Last month I thought she was going to burst because she was getting so big. This month I am worried she is going to disappear completely. Oh Man as if I didn’t have enough to worry about.

I am going to leave you with a few pictures of the seriously cute Baby Honey B 🙂

Until next week your favourite Baby B and her seriously cute Cuz Honey B x x









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