My new wheels

Well guys it’s official, uncle Pete is not giving me his BMW. How unfair is that like! He goes away and promises me it and its been over a week and I still haven’t got to drive it. Uncle Pete thinks there’s some law that says I have to be 18 years old or something. Really like I could totally get away with that by batting my eyelashes at the policeman. Anyway uncle Pete says no so I decided I would sort myself out with the vouchers I got for my blessing. I am quickly learning that if you want something done right you Gota do it yourself like.

So guys mummy and I took a trip up to mother care. I think mummy was planning on leaving me in my pram so I screamed the place down till I Mortified her enough to take me out. Seriously like this is a big investment for me and I wanted to make sure I got value for my Money. It turns out I made the right decision by screaming the place down and making an informed decision on the purchase. Mummy was going to buy me a red car guys. Hello mummy, everyone knows that pinks my colour. Seriously like you need eyes on the back of your head with parents like these. So guys I am super excited at home all set up in my new wheels ready to go for a burn and then Nana points out that you need to be nine months to take a drive not six months Like mummy thought. Mummy read the box upside down – silly mummy. Now I have to wait another six months to drive – oh man what’s with all these rules like. I may have to change my career path from been famous to working in the government so that I can change all these silly rules.

Still mummy managed to get a pic of me before the policeman caught me. Check me out below.

So guys I am super exhausted from my day. Just having a little nap in mummy and daddy’s bed. Daddy is helping my godfather mark wire his new house so I jumped in for a cuddle with mummy. She is really tired after her weekend so it was real easy to settle her and get her to have a little nap with me.

Talk to ye all real soon guys. Love ye B x x

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