My week

Hey everyone, I had a lovely week guys. How about you? What did ye get up to? My most favourite day was yesterday, I spent the day with nana rose, auntie Lauretta and my mummy and daddy. We were celebrating Nana’s birthday. We all got her a photo shoot of her and me for her birthday. We had so much fun getting our picture taken. I came out great in all of them of course. The others needed a little more work. The photo man was really good and was able to work with non professional models. It also helped that I was in all the photos and I am a professional model so that was fine.

After our two hour professional photo shoot in Fota gardens we all went to the zoo to see the animals and have some lunch. Then we came home and I gave Nana her birthday Cake with a big candle and we all sang Happy Birthday. Auntie Laura and uncle Pete then minded me while all the others went for Dinner and to the greyhound races. I am still too little to do that. I ll go when I am older.

So when I was out yesterday in Fota I spotted the house that I want to live in when I grow up. I got mummy to take a picture of it so that I can show Daragh what I want. FYI – It’s below this post Daragh. A girl is never to young to start house hunting you know. So Daragh you better start saving all your birthday money fast as Mummy told me I have expensive taste. There’s no pressure Daragh, I am just saying ….. You better get me that house. I am giving you loads of time like!

So that’s my eventful week. I am just going for a little power nap now as we are having a lazy day today.

Love ye all lots guys. Big Mwah from your Baby B x x

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