MyGod father, my hero!

Hi guys, hope your all doing great. I am super good these days. In fact for the first time ever mummy is actually saying my colour is good, I am gaining weight and I am in the best form ever. You can really notice now how my operation has changed me for the better. Woo hoo – long may it last.

So life is good. These days we are so busy living and enjoying every last minute that sometimes we forget last year even happened! Only sometimes mind you, It was a really big part of our life and for many families out there it’s unthinkable what happened to me and my little family.

However I must say its changed so many of us for the best and one of them people in my little family is my Godfather Mark. He is like the best, kindest and nicest person EVER. He is a real softie guys and he took it really bad when he heard that his unborn God child had a special heart.

Now to be fair to him it wasn’t really his fault, it was my mummy’s fault! She called him bawling crying on the phone on the 17 th of September 2010 and told him the news about my special heart and tasked him with the very horrible job of letting all our friends know.

You see mummy and daddy were too sad to see or speak to anyone that day or for many many days after. So the very first job he had as my Godfather wasn’t an easy one, that’s why I was really surprised to hear that he was topping this extremely difficult job off with an even bigger one just for me! Guys he is only gone and decided to run the Cork city marathon for me in aid of crumlin. Yes that’s right the Full marathon that’s 42 kilometres !!!!!!! Oh man………

Now as you know this is no easy task. My Godfather started training this time last year. He gave up smoking and his weekend drinks night just because of me! He also trains every night to make sure his heart stays healthy and to make sure he does me proud on the day of the marathon.

Guys I would never ever tell him this but I am already the most proudest God daughter EVER. I love my God Daddy Mark and I can’t wait to be standing at the finish line waiting for him to pass the line so I can run into his arms and give him a big mwah for being the bestest God daddy EVER.

Guys I hate to ask you to help me out again because I know you all have been really good to me but if you can afford a few Euro this month to sponsor my God daddy I would really, really appreciate it. All the money my God father will raise will go to the Cardiac department in Crumlin. Every penny counts and will go towards making it a little easier on the children, parents and staff of Crumlin.

Thank you so much for your extremely generous support so far. Each year we are going to do a fundraising event, last year it was the table quiz, this year it’s our marathon. If all my friends and family donate even 5 euro each year to our fundraiser then we will have done our bit for crumlin to pay back what they have given me and my family – a chance of an amazing life and that’s something we could never buy no matter how much we spent.

Goodnight everyone – I love you loads your little lady B x x

To donate please go to our sponsor ship page on the following link –

Béibhinn and Marks Marathon Page

Thanks guys x x






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