No news is good news

Well guys I am 40 days old today. Can you believe it ? I went for a walk in my pram with auntie Laura and right now i am helping daddy play his computer game. By helping I mean I am trying to distract him so all his attention is on me 🙂 mummy has gone to bed cause she has a really busy week at work this week. She is trying to get all her work sorted out this week so she doesn’t have to leave me at all next week. That will be nice.

I am feeling really great and I don’t want to jinx myself or anything but at the moment I have no doctors appointments this week. If I keep going feeling so good it will be my first week without an appointment or hospital visit since I was born. So guys please keep praying for me. I love the prayers, mummy and I say ours every morning and mummy puts her special medal that margot nana’s friend gave us on my head 🙂

So that’s my news for now as I said no news is good news. Hope you love my new picture. Daddy was delighted that mummy has another lovely pink hat to match my White hat. NOT daddy really does not like my hats. I don’t know why! I think I am beautiful in them. What do you all think !

Love ye loads Night night B x x

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