Not Again

I can’t figure it all out. I was at home settling in, went for a sleep and when I woke I was back in the hospital in Dublin.

From what I hear mummy and daddy were not happy with my feeding. I had cut back to 20 or 30ml feeds and was finding it very hard to take. Also I was in a bit of pain and daddy did not want me suffering any pain.

Anyway I am now back in the same ward in Crumlin. They put me on a drip for fluids and I am taking some feed now so they stopped the drip again. The doctors want to try and see why my breathing is fast all the time so they have now started me on furosemide. Daddy said this is a diuretic to reduce fluid around my chest to see if this will help. All I know is it make me do alot of wee wee. At least I don’t have to change me. 

The doctor is also going to get doctor McMahon to look at my heart valve tomorrow to see if it has changed. He thinks it may not be quite as good as it was but I think it is ok as I only find my feeding hard and my oxygen levels are still good.

I also have to meet the ENT doctor tomorrow as they want to check for and problems that may be with my feeding.

Anyway I have a long day tomorrow so am off to sleep now. Will update ye soon. Love ye all.

B. Xx x

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