Officially Me

Hi guys,

All is good in my world. Tomorrow I must go back to doctor Fraiser in Cork for my check up. I feel good and am enjoying my bottle so hopefully it will all be routine. After that I am going to officially become me. Mummy and daddy are going to collect my birth cert and then there will be no confusion even though daddy reckons no one would confuse such a beautiful face, and hey, who am I to argue with him!

Daddy was back at work in his office today and mummy took me to collect my pixie photos. I am not sure about them. As you can see by looking at them I look a little grumpy but then again I was trying to have my bottle in between shots.

My auntie Lauretta called to see me today and gave me loads of kisses and a beautiful teddy bear. She is really nice. Nana Rose gave me loads of cuddles too as always. She brought me more lovely clothes. I also got loads of lovely clothes from daddies cousin Anthony and his wife last week and I got a card from his other cousin Andrew and his wife too who live in a different country. Thanks a million guys.

Nana Frances cousin Margaret also called to see me last week. She is really nice. I also keep getting messages left on my blog from mummies other relations in west cork. Geraldine and the others have been so good with all the prayers for me and that really helps. A few others out in Sandscove are also keeping an eye on me. Love ye lots guys!

Anyway I am off to sleep now so I have my energy for all the check ups tomorrow. I will let ye know how I get on.

Love ye lots.

B. Xx x

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