Oh man

Oh man, guys I am sick:-( I picked up an awful cold over the weekend and now I have only gone and gave it to mummy as well. Now I seem to be coping really well with it. Mummy however is been a big baby. Hello like that’s my job mummy. I am crying and coughing and just miserable and of course I won’t smile when I feel this bad. Mummy however is complaining that she can’t get up cause every bone in her body aches. Oh well suck it up mummy and be a man! Sorry I mean woman:-) if I can handle it so can you.

So guys mummy and me are just waiting to see the doctor now. Hopefully she can give us some medicine to help us feel better. Oh man another one to add to my eight a day I already take;-(

So that’s our news. I think we might head home and go to bed afterwards. We didn’t sleep so well last night with my crying and mummy’s complaining. Poor Daddy 🙂

Talk to you all real soon – your Baby B x x

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