Oh my god what a day

Ok guys I have had enough of this. I want out of here now. Mummy is helping me with my Blog today cause Daddy has started back at work and has to go back to the apartment everyday now. Well I guess someone has to keep me in the latest fashion.

This is not a good thing cause daddy keeps mummy calm. Today she was an emotional wreak cause she had to go with me to all my tests along with Nana Rose. Well I don’t blame Mummy for crying. I was crying too.

The tests started at eight and every time we got back to my room there was someone else there pulling and dragging me. I am completely exhausted from all this. The worst was the MRI of my heart cause they had to sedate me. Two nurses nana rose and mummy had to hold me down while they put this horrible liquid in my mouth. I screamed and screamed hoping they would stop but then I felt myself getting really sleepy. The last thing I saw when u looked up at mummy was tears running down her face. She did that when I was born as well and daddy told me it was because she was happy. This life is hard to make out.

On the good side of life I have moved rooms and now have a bigger room and daddy has a pull out bed instead of a pull out chair.

Also my friends Jay and Lana have appointments in Crumlin this week. I hope I can meet them:-) I am really looking forward to that.

Anyway I am chilling with daddy tonight. Talk to you all real soon.

Love ye B x x

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