Omg about time uncle Pete and auntie Laura

Hi guys – your never going to guess my big news. It’s like absolutely massive guys. I am talking news of the absolute century. Ok ok I am going to tell. I am going to be a big Cousin, mummy is going to become an auntie and my auntie is going to be a mummy. yet ! Well my beautiful auntie Laura is Pregnant;-) I am so totally over the moon guys. Now it is all down to me guys of course. I just Gota tell you. I happened to mention to auntie Laura when I was born that I wanted a cousin to control. Sorry sorry – I mean play with of course:-) and then when auntie Deborah went and messed up my order for a best friend it only added to my need for a best friend. So of course auntie Laura and uncle pete went and spoke to the stork, sent in an order for me and now here we are;-) only ten months between us:-) ha ha. Now let’s just hope they didnt do a deb on it and mess up my order for a best friend 🙂 like how hard can it be to fill in an order form guys! Really silly auntie Deb;-)

So that’s the news at the moment. Now I am going to let you in in a little secret. Whatever you do guys, do not – I repeat DO NOT tell mummy,daddy,auntie Laura or Uncle Pete this but I am big, I mean big time worried the new baby is going to take some of the spot light away from Moi. Oh man I would be disgraced if that happened. Like what happens if she is more beautiful than me, more intelligent, more skilled, more cute. Oh man I gota stop. Totally depressing myself guys…. Anyway I am sure it’ll be fine guys and I will have a little slave sorry sorry I mean playmate of course to have loads of fun with.

Love you cuz, from your big, talented, beautiful cuz ( Gota let her know her place from the start like guys) your cuz baby B x x

Ps I don’t know for sure yet if it’s a girl or boy. However like I said auntie Laura better not have messed up my order like my auntie Deb. I am sure she hadn’t cause i was very specific guys so I would say it’s a girl alright 😉 like a boy would be no good to me guys, I already have a husband to be and you can’t marry your cousin guys… x x again your B heart hugs mwah

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