One moment in time

What a difference a year makes! I can’t believe how much my life has changed. Your life can completely change and be turned upside down in one day, in one moment with one word. For us that moment was a little after 11am this day last year. I wish I had known then what I know now. I am sharing this with you because if you are lucky enough to have this moment in your life don’t be afraid, embrace it. You are lucky just like us.

Very few people on this earth has something that means everything in the world to them taken away from them and then at the very last moment given back, you are given a second chance at life. Imagine what you can do when you are handed back your life.

For us our beautiful little girl whom we had not met was taken away from us. The Doctors told us there was no hope. There was no way that she would live. They didn’t know her second name was hope and she was given back to us.

This last year has been the most amazing year of our lives. We have walked a different path to others, This path is different and in some places it is not so beautiful but in others it is more beautiful than any other place in the world and I would not change this journey for anything.

Our life is richer, We enjoy every moment as best we can. We value life, something we didn’t do before. You can’t do this unless life has been taken away from you and then given back. From the greatest hardships come the greatest lessons. From the lowest lows come the greatest highs. Unless you have felt what we have felt you will never know how wonderful our life is and what it feels like to be given a second chance.

Imagine sitting on a beach pregnant, You know it’s a little girl and you can already see her beautiful face. Imagine wanting this baby for three long years. Imagine looking out at the beach and seeing another beautiful little girl with her mummy wearing a pair of wellington boots and playing in the sand. Her mummy looks so happy and so in love with her. Imagine looking at that picture and knowing that would never happen for you and your little girl because you were told that day that your little girl had no hope and she wouldn’t make it when she was born………

Now fast forward to exactly one year later. That same beach on that same day, look at the pictures below and try to imagine how amazing and incredible this feels. New heart mums you can and you will. Today is my birthday – it’s my first year as a heart mummy and I just got the best present in the whole world. I got my moment.



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