Operation transformation update

Well guys I am super impressed with both nana and daddy. They are both taking this really serious guys. Sorry I didn’t update you last night. I was super busy yesterday with my trip to the big smoke and all that. So guys today nana and daddy stepped on the scales and guess what! The reading was all wrong- yikes… The new scales mummy brought in Dunnes for the occasion is not working properly-oh man. I was Mortified, what with me hosting it and all. Anyway not to worry, nana and daddy are going to the accurate scales in the chemist in the morning. Phew. They will get a proper print out of their weight so it will all be above board and official. So guys that’s what’s happening with that at the moment. I will blog tomorrow night and update ye all.

Anyway guys I feel like there is a major hissey fit brewing. I am not in good form tonight. Mummy has me sitting in front of the TV watching some Baby programme about lullaby’s to put me to sleep. Seriously like does she not know I want to watch special agent Oso! She is in a bit of a state cause it’s way past my bed time I am so not ready for sleep guys. I am wide awake. Better go and start screaming so mummy can calm me down. If I scream enough and act as if I can’t breath I will totally get to sleep in between mummy and daddy for a while. Think I will try that tonight. Love ye all lots guys- big kisses from your favourite Baby B x x

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