Poem from your Angel B.

My mummy’s heart is broken,

My daddy’s one is too

They cry every day you see,

because our years together were just way too few.

How I wish I could hold them and take away their pain.

It is hurting me so much to see their tears fall down like rain.

I send them beautiful rainbows, ones that light up the whole sky.

But there is nothing in this whole world to fix them, nothing money could ever buy.

They sit by my grave each Sunday,

They sit on the fun outdoor chairs we brought.

They talk for hours on end about how they wish they could have fixed my heart.

They think of that terrible day, the day God called me home.

They think that it is just so unfair that now they are alone.

You ask them how they are; they say good and that they are coping.

I wish they would just tell you the truth that their hearts are shattered and completely broken.

I have tasked them with a special job, The legacy of an Angel.

I need them to spread my word of kindness, if you help them, I will be so grateful...

So please help them spread my kindness all over this whole world.

Then when they finally gain their angel wings a place here in heaven will be well earned.

When it is finally their time to come up home to me,

I will be waiting for them at the golden gates smiling full of glee.

I will hug my mummy for eternity and kiss and love my daddy every day

because the strongest of love between the three of us is always going to B……………….

All my love always Angel B xxxx aka the Heart Angel

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