Princess wedding

Well guys today was absolute class. I got to spend all day with daddy. Usually Fridays is mummy and my day. However today it was daddy’s turn to spend the day with me. Mummy had to work all day and didnt get home till half six. Daddy is on his holidays so we got to spend the day together instead.

So daddy and B days are alot different to mummy and B days. Daddy and I spent ages sleeping in bed this morning. It was lovely to have a lie in. Mummy and me are always up early so we can make the most of the day. Daddy is more laid back. When I asked what the plan was I found out that daddy had no plan but to simply relax! Relax what is that like guys! Mummy and I are always running around on Fridays in order to get everything done. We like to have achieved loads of things.

Daddy tried to dress me. Sure god help him he did try hard. I am sorry to say he is useless at fashion. He only half dressed me and forgot my vest. Hello like. When I realised he really didn’t know what be was doing I threw a complete hissey fit. Seriously like I am just really lucky I wasn’t going any where special today otherwise I would have been mortified.

Thankfully nana rose came and saved the day and brought me a super cool lady bird outfit. Check me out below. I am having a little snooze at the moment on top of mummy. I am absolutely exhausted from watching the royal wedding and taking notes for my wedding to Daragh. I am starting now so as my wedding will be just as amazing as princess Kate:-)

Love ye all guys – have an amazing bank holiday weekend.

Love ye all B x x

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