Rainy night in Dublin

Hey everyone,

Ok I am getting a bit embarrassed now! I am still hanging in there. I just can’t seem to get the motivation to move my little butt and make my way out of here. Heard mummy tell daddy that I am an O Connor alright! It takes daddy a while to get around to things as well 🙂 oh well what can I do! It’s in my genes.

I am a bit worried about mummy’s spending sprees however. She is so bored waiting for me all she does is shop. We will be bankrupted by the time we get home. Mummy and daddy met Brian today for coffee. Also my grand dad and grand Ma came back up to Dublin. We are very busy socialising it’s hard to keep up with all these people.

My god father mark is coming up during the week to see me. Going to do my best to get my butt in gear and make it out of here to see him in person. To be honest my impression of him so far is he is a bit of a walk over. An even bigger walk over than daddy me thinks 🙂 oh no don’t tell me i am picking up a dub accent 🙂 ok like ( thats better i am a cork girl) Daddy is already wrapped around my finger as is grand dad. I think my god father mark will be as well by the end of the week when I meet him in person 🙂 he is a bit of a pushover really 🙂

Anyway that’s all from me today:-) will see ye all real soon I hope !

Lots of love and heart hugs B x x

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