Santa time

Well guys it’s only one week to Christmas day and I am super excited! This is my first official Christmas. This time last year ye were all eagerly awaiting my arrival. The way mummy describes it to Daddy it sounded kind of depressing. I heard mummy telling daddy how on the 17th of December last year they all headed off to Dublin because the doctors told mummy and daddy I had to be born really near to Crumlin. This was so they could stabilise me and get me ready for the first of my three operations. They also told them I would probably come early and they thought I wouldn’t weight very much. Of course they didn’t know me:-) I had to be dragged out a day over due at 10 pounds. I started breathing on my own and I got to miss my first operation. Well done me.

So this year is a little different thank god. The only thing that was the same about the 17 th of December this year is mummy is still crying. Poor daddy! This year it was happy tears however so I guess that’s ok.

This year on the 17 th of December mummy and daddy took me to visit the real Santa in Blarney. I was so happy I just couldn’t believe it. There was talks about me missing out and not getting to see Santa at all this year. Thank god for the lovely Santa Elves in Blarney who arranged for me to sneak in and not have to wait in the waiting area with all the other kids. That would not be good because it I picked up a bug I would be in trouble with the people in the blue and green coats in Crumlin.

So everything was going absolutely great until mummy totally mortified daddy and I. She started crying. Daddy was laughing at her, all I can say is thank god I wasn’t in the waiting area with all the other kids, I would never have lived it down. She kept saying over and over how she couldn’t believe we got to this day. Well guys it wasn’t that hard, I just fell asleep and woke up and it was that day. Hello mummy it’s not rocket science !!!

So just when I thought mummy couldn’t embarrass us any more she only went and messed up my Santa order. When Santa asked what I wanted for Christmas mummy answered for me ” just health” OMG guys I was in Shock. I guess you can see that by my expression below in my Santa picture. Now don’t get me wrong I really do want my health but she completely forgot to mention the train and doll and pram set I ordered. Oh man I am so worried now that I just can’t sleep at night anymore. It’s like 11 pm and I am just starting to settle now with the stress of it. I just hope Santa is still reading my blog and he sees this entry so it can remind him of the other presents I want.

After our Santa visit daddy and I went for a walk in my pram so mummy could do some shopping in Blarney woollen mills. Daddy was afraid when he saw her coming with all the bags. Guys I think she must have brought the whole shop. I felt really sorry for all the other people because she couldn’t have left much for them. Mummy loves shopping. Alot of people this week are saying I am getting more and more like my mummy. Check out our pictures below to see what you think. I sure hope I don’t catch her shopping addiction or poor daddy will be really broke.

So when mummy got back we had a lovely lunch. Mummy even gave me loads of her chocolate cake. It was yummy. Mummy and daddy were talking about how much they appreciated our day out and how much they loved me and how lucky they are to have me. I must admit these two are absolutely besotted with me. I guess I am lucky but sometimes it can be embarrassing as well.

I did notice how some other mummy’s and daddy’s looked bored and some where even reading the newspaper when their little girls are boys were trying to show them their Santa presents. I even heard one daddy giving out to the mummy and the Kids. I was really sad when I heard this. My mummy and daddy were actually taking turns playing with my Santa toys and taking turns hugging and kissing me. I was afraid I wouldn’t even get a turn of my own toy when i finally broke free from their cuddles.

I guess the reason they make the most of every moment with me is because of what happened last year and what is going to happen next year. I know it’s hard on them but I think it’s good for them as well. It’s great that we have all learned to make the most of every day and enjoy our little family moments so much. I hope that you enjoy your family moments this week. This is a special week as you know. It’s baby Jesus’s birthday. I hope you all celebrate with him and have a happy and Peaceful time full of lots of wonderful memories. I am planning on making loads of memories this week for my memory box and of course for my mummy and daddy’s memory boxes. Don’t tell them because it’s their surprise present from me.

I love you all loads, talk to you next week on Christmas day, hope Santa brings you what you want, your Baby B x x



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