Sick but Not Too Bad

I hate to say it but the sickness has arrived again. I had a little bit of a funny tummy and have been working my way through it. Mummy said my tummy was funny but the nappy was far from funny. She wants to know how daddy always misses the bad ones! I have slowed a bit on my feed intake but am holding my own and daddy thinks I will be fine again in a few days. Mummy on the other hand seems to have got the tummy problem from me. She was up all night and is still in bed now in pain. The doctor said it is a gastric bug which is going around. Daddy felt a bit funny too but when he saw how bad mummy was I told him to ‘suck it up’. I dont think mummy would have been happy with him looking for sympathy too.

On Tuesday I went to see Dr Fraiser and he was happy with all my checks. My oxygen levels were between 82 and 84. Dr McMahon in Crumlin said that if they stay between 75 and 85 I will avoid the first operation which would be really good. Dr Fraiser also said I am ahead of the average for all my measurements including my height and weight.

Nana Rose and auntie Lauretta were up to mind me yesterday as daddy was out at work and mummy had to try and get a bit of her own work done. Then in the evening auntie Laura called and I also got to meet my first Kilduff. They are some mad bunch. Liz was really nice. Daddy was cursing her when she left. He is trying to be good with sweet food but she brought him a load of little cakes and instead of having one he ate them all. Haha.

Today nana Frances is minding me while mummy is sleeping and daddy is working. I hope she gets well soon.

Anyway thats all the news at the moment. I am planning to have a nice quiet weekend and hoping that mummy and daddy will take me out for a few spins in daddies car.

I will update ye all soon.

Love ye lots.

B. Xx x

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