Sick Day

Today I am a little bit sick. I think I have a cold. Well that’s what the Doctor in CUH said anyway. Also I am teething and its a big pain in the nappy. Mummy is driving me and everyone around her mad. She keeps looking at me really strangely and then when I look at her she smiles but not with her eyes. I hope there’s nothing wrong with her eyes. Oh man we have enough problems with me and my cold.

We also have our crumlin appointment on Monday so we are all a little freaked out by that. They are going to give me a date for my big Heart surgery. I am kind of hoping that they will just forget about it and just let me play. What do you think the chances of that happening are? Anyway I know I will be fine because when Holy God sent me from Heaven to my mummy and Daddy he told me I would be.

It’s a beautiful day up in heaven. Jesus is rounding up his tiniest angels, to go live on earth, and be born. One of the sweetest angels say to Jesus “I don’t want to leave, I like it here, and I will miss you.” He reassures the scared little angel that everything will be okay, and that she is just going for a visit. She is still not swayed on this idea. So Jesus kneels down, and says, “How about if you leave half of your heart here with me and take the other half with you, will that be okay?” The angel smiles and says, “I guess that will work.” But the little angel is still a little scared. She asks, “Will I be okay with only half of my heart?” Jesus replies, “Of course you will, I have other angels there that will help out, and you will be fine.” Then Jesus gives the angel more details about his plan and says, “When you are born, your mummy will be scared, so you have to be strong, and when you feel weak just remember that I have the other half of your heart. Enjoy your time with your family, play and laugh every day, and when it’s time to come back to heaven, I will make your heart whole again. Always remember that you are not broken, just torn between two loves.”

I will let you all know how my appointment goes on Monday. I know holy god will mind me, but if you could ask him as well just to remind him that would be great. I know he is really busy.

Love you all. Until my update tomorrow, your Baby B x x



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