Silly mummy

Well everyone what an absolutely great weekend so far. Ours started on Friday. Mummy and me got lots of things organised for my blessing. Everything is booked and ordered now. To be honest I was getting really worried as this is my first big party that I will be hosting and I want it right like. I want to be the hostess with the mostess 🙂 then nana, mummy and me went for lunch, we got to seat outside cause it was so hot, then we went to the beach and after all that mummy and I went for a walk.

Today we had a big family BBQ with all my family. It was so much fun. Mummy auntie Laura and Nana Frances all did quality control on my new toys. I am now the proud owner of a small bouncing castle a giant outdoors snakes and ladders set a bubble making machine and an outdoor activity centre. They all look like so Much fun I just can’t wait to try it out. I am still a bit small, however all my friends can have a go at my blessing. I just hope it’s a good day.

So as I was saying nana, mummy and auntie Laura played with all my toys after the BBQ. They were all laughing till tears were coming down their faces. Daddy explained to me that they were happy tears. Thank god 🙂 I don’t like seeing mummy upset. The bouncing castle feel down on top of auntie Laura and mummy and they could not get out. Silly mummy;-) It was really funny. Thankfully the rest of my family seem like grown up adults so there was someone to Mind me while nana, mummy and auntie Laura played with all my toys. Hmmmmmm hope this doesn’t become a habit with them or else I will get no go.

So nana rose and Lauretta minded me today. Mummy warned me to be in my best behaviour and not to throw one of my hissey fits as she likes to call them. I decided to give everyone a break and not throw a hissey fit today. How good am I 🙂 dont worry guys I will make up for it tomorrow.

So guys that’s all my news. I just want to say a quick hello to my new cousin Andrew. He’s English so he will be watching prince William and Kate’s wedding. Hi Andrew – I love your name. Hope to meet you soon.

Night everyone – enjoy the rest of the weekend.

Love you lots like jelly tots. B x x

Hey check me out hosting my first BBQ

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