Six months old today

Sorry guys, I know I am three days late with my blog but I have been so busy. Today I am six months old. Can you believe it! I am so totally ancient. There are loads of new baby’s coming and I am not going to be the new baby on the block any more. I am worried that people aren’t going to love me any more when the new baby’s arrive. Can some one let me know what the protocol on this would be. It’s starting to really get to me. ;-( what I can do to get the love back?

So the reason I have been so busy and unable to blog is because I had to mind and entertain Nana Rose and Auntie Lauretta all weekend long while mummy and daddy decorated my new play room.

Seriously guys these two are hard work. I had to keep them entertained 24/7. It’s a good thing that I am really good at that. In fact it’s my speciality. So there I am all weekend entertaining my Nana and my auntie when at the end of it all I hear that you can actually hire people to babysit them. I really wish mummy and daddy had looked into that when they needed a babysitter at the weekend. It would have totally saved me having to work my nappy off minding them when mummy and daddy could have just paid some one to mind them and entertain them. Oh well I guess that’s life.

So after my exhausting weekend of working I then had to go for my check up in CUH with my favourite doctor. Obviously I am still top of my class and I am doing great. I could have told them that already but I guess it was nice to pop in and see my doc. He just loves me guys. He is so nice. So do you guys now see why it’s taken me so long to blog?

Now I am chilling in my cot. Mummy and daddy are back talking about this “routine” thing again. I don’t know if ye all remember this or not but back when I was a baby and wouldn’t take my bottles they got me into a “routine”. It was just horrible guys. They starved me until I took my full bottle.

Now I must admit it did work. I was so worried that they would never feed me again that when they finally gave me my bottles and food I would take it all. So now they are trying to get me to sleep all night long. Apparently they don’t love the fact that I wake up every single hour during the night. I like to wake up at least seven times to see what’s going on. I heard them say that this has to stop. I also heard that they are just going to let me cry until I go back to sleep. Oh man there has to be some law against this. If they think they are going to win they have another thing coming. They keep forgetting how determined I am. I know they are going to break first. I will keep you all updated on the situation.

So that’s it everyone. All my news. I will talk to you all real soon. Love ye lots your Babysitting Baby B x x

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