Somewhere over the rainbow

Hi guys, this week I learned all about rainbows. Mummy and I went for our walk the other day and I saw the most amazing and beautiful sight in the sky. Mummy explained to me that it was a rainbow. She told me that to experience the wonder and beauty of a rainbow you must first weather the storm. The bigger and scarier the storm the bigger and more beautiful the rainbow.

Apparently there was a major storm before I was born. However I am extremely lucky because I got to miss the whole thing. Get this guys the storm that mummy and daddy had to experience cleared up at exactly 12.18 pm on the 20 th of January. This is really spooky because I was born at exactly that time. Phew – how lucky am I ! Then mummy told me that they got to see the biggest, most wonderful and brightest rainbow in the whole wide world.

It was so amazing and beautiful that they both cried with delight. Well guys I didn’t see this rainbow at all. I was too busy been born! Hmmmmmm, nice to know that my mummy and daddy were staring at rainbows when I was working my little butt off being born.

I guess I will just have to forgive them because rainbows are beautiful and the storm they went through didn’t sound very nice. Mummy says their rainbow is still with them to this day and still shining really brightly and bringing them more joy and happiness than ever. I wish they would show me this rainbow because I have looked every where in the house and I can’t find it any where.

So when I went out walking with my guy Daragh this week I was so excited to show him the rainbow. Unfortunately it had gone away that day. Oh man, I hope I didn’t look really stupid. I totally covered it up by acting really cool and pretending I didn’t care about him or the fact that the rainbow didn’t appear. Get this guys, he was totally all about me! He kept staring at me and trying to get my attention. The more I blew him off the more he tried to speak with me. He even told me he liked my blanket and my dummy. I so couldn’t believe it because I am usually bending over backwards to get his attention and he usually just ignores me. Mummy and my FMIL Deb explained to me that I was playing ” hard to get” and that guys totally go for that. I am so playing “hard to get” in the future if this is the way he is going to act. I am so lucky to have learned this lesson so young. Some people spend their whole lives trying to learn this. Well that’s what mummy and Deborah said anyway.

So I guess I am taking after my auntie Laura in the lucky field. Daddy says that my auntie Laura fell out of the lucky tree and hit every branch on the way down. Man I hope I keep hitting them branches like my auntie Laura.

In other big news this week – I am holding my very own table quiz in aid of Crumlin Children’s hospital. They were very good to me when I was born so I said I had better do something in return. So guys keep the 8 th of December free. The fun kicks off at 7.30 pm in the Carrigaline Court Hotel. I have the most amazing prizes EVER. I will tell you all about them next week.

So now I need to go and prepare my Bee custom for Halloween. I have to call to my two Nana’s and grand dad and scare them into giving me loads of white chocolate buttons. They will so not know who I am. Ha ha – don’t tell them if you see them. I don’t want to ruin the surprise.

Until next weekend – have a very scary spooky Halloween, love you all guys from your very scary Baby Beeeeee 😉



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