Sorry for not updating sooner but we have had an absolutely awful week. Béibhinn has been really sick all week as have Eoin and I. Our week started last Friday when we rushed into CUH as Béibhinn was a little blue. Then we went to Dublin on Monday and got an awful fright as they told us that Béibhinn may not be a candidate for her operation due to her leaky valve. She was screaming the place down so we hope that was the reason for the poor reading of her echo.

On Tuesday we travelled to Belfast for a second opinion. Thankfully it was a good reading. Béibhinn was nice and calm and her Valve looked better. They gave us a better than 50 percentage chance that B would be a candidate for the operation. We are just hoping and praying that this will be the same result in three weeks time when we go for the sedated Echo and then we pray that her Cath results in three months time show that the pressure in the lungs is low enough for her to undertake the operation.

On Wednesday all three of us came down with a chest infection – but not just any chest infection a CRUMLIN chest infection!!! I know I may be jumping the gun but when ever we go there we seem to pick up something that takes weeks to clear. So far we have all been to the doctor twice and south doc on Wednesday night with B. between the three of us we are on 18 different types of meds, most of them have to be taken three times a day. It is literally like a small hospital in the O’ Connor house this week.

So Béibhinn is having a nap right now. She asked me to let you know that she will update you next week. She is still too sick to steal my I phone and update herself, also she said she doesn’t really have any good news to report this week so she will wait until she does.

I hope next week will bring better news, love Béibhinn’s mummy. X x


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